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Liam Payne Continues Serving Questionable Fashion, This Time on the Ellen Show

Should-be Grammy award nominee Lime performed his Bubbling Under the Hot 200 hit Bedroom Floor today on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. The superboy wore a less cute version of his #MTVEMA 'fit.

Peep the full performance here on EllenTube.

Bear's father must've had some downtime between sets, because he went on an Instagram liking spree, double tapping on actual superman Henry Cavill's sweaty post work out pic.

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ONTD: Do you make it fashion?

Harry Styles performs Kiwi + wins Best International Act at ARIAs

Harry Styles is getting some love down under these days. The singer attended Australia's premier music award show where he won Best International Act and performed his new single Kiwi. Harry came dressed to impress in a purple suit and black, Hot Topic-esque fingernails.

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ONTD Original: 6 Grammy Snubs 2018

Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do
Taylor's strategy of splitting her lead single / album release between the Grammy cutoff date has finally backfired; Look What You Made Me Do failed to receive a nomination for song or record of the year, and didn't even get a Pop nomination. She did get a Visual Media Song nom for that song with Zayn and some country nominations for Better Man.

Ed Sheeran
Often considered a "lock" for Song, Record and Album of the Year, Ed didn't come up with anything in the big categories. Better luck with "Square Root" in 2020!

Harry Styles
Not one nomination. Oop.

What the actual fuck Grammys Awards! Thanks for the 2 nominations in the Pop categories, but she deserved Song of the Year at the very least!!

Miranda Lambert
Miranda's The Weight of These Wings was a contender for "Album of the Year" but didn't even get a nomination for Country Album. She did get 2 nominations for her amazing song Tin Man, though.

Carly Rae Jepsen
No Song For Visual Media nomination for Cut To The Feeling? It's official:

Source: My Brain and the nomination list

What snubs shocked you, ONTD? Are you impressed with Grammys So POC '18?

Charlie Puth Makes Liam Payne Look Like a Great Rapper in 'Drop The Mic' Battle Vs. Backstreet Boys

Lime's songwriter BFFL Charlie Puth took on BSB in a white rap battle on TBS' show Drop The Mic. According to @OceanUp, Puth did "the impossible," making Payne look like a half-way decent rapper by comparison. ICYMI: Payno faced off against Jason Derulo, winning their match a few episodes back.

BSB annihilated Puth, calling him "a wannabe Bieber" and describing his looks as "mayonnaise had sex with McLovin". Puth fired back with weak shade about their successful Vegas residency and crowned the boyband "Kings of the Dad Bod." The episode was filmed before Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's allegations of misconduct.

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Speaking of Bear Payne's father, the white rapper teamed up with London On Da Track, U.K Based artists NSG, and Cash Cash for some very 2018 remixes of his banger Bedroom Floor.

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BF is no GL or STD tbh

HDD: Harry Styles likely to be nominated for Grammys in big 4 categories (including AOTY+SOTY)

Hits Daily Double placed his debut album as likely to be nominated for 'Album of the Year' and 'Rock Album of the Year' and his single 'Sign of the Times' as a contender in the 'Record of the Year' and 'Song of the Year' categories

Grammy award nominations are due to be released Tuesday.

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2018 Grammy Nominations Released on Tuesday

‌• The 60th Annual Grammy nominations will be announced THIS Tuesday, November 28
‌• The eligibility period for this year's ceremony is October 1, 2016, to September 30, 2017.
‌• Gold Derby is a site where people within the entertainment industry as well as users can make their predictions for the Grammys, Oscars, Emmys, etc., and they are usually pretty accurate
‌• Their site has been updating since September on who they believe will be nominated, and here are their final predictions in order of chances of winning/being nominated for the main categories-- as well as potential surprises:
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Who do you think deserves to be nominated/win, ONTD?

Liam Payne finally reveals why 1D cancelled their Belfast show in 2015

– Thinks that they shouldn’t have been able to do as many shows as they did, he says: “going out and putting that happy smile on my face and singing the songs, honestly, sometimes it was like putting on one of those costumes, going out there and, underneath the costume, people don’t really see what’s going on.”

– In October 2015, they cancelled a show in Belfast because Liam had been “taken ill”. Apparently it was the only time they ever cancelled. (Probably because Liam was the only one who could cover everyone's parts.) There was a lot of speculation, some reports claimed Liam had had panic attack like symptoms, others reported appendicitis or food poising. Liam now admits that he had just split from his girlfriend and was struggling to cope. "I let it get to me that day. I wasn’t in a good place. And unfortunately I was going through a rough time and I let it get to me a little bit too much. That was it."

– He also says they never had any time to just enjoy their success: “The more we did, I just don’t think we stopped and celebrated enough how great things were and I think that’s what got on top of us in the end. It was like, ‘Oh, you’ve just won three EMAs, but get on the plane and go to the next place’.”

– On the break: “Even though I know fans are not mad about it . . . we needed it. We needed a little bit of time away from each other. We needed a realisation point to find the love for it again, rather than it just becoming a job. I’m a totally different person now to how I used to be about it.”

what are the 1D rumours you finally want answered, ONTD? your favourite myths? and who is most likely to spill the beans?
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The Biggest Album Debuts of 2017 (so far)

1. Taylor Swift / 2. Kendrick Lamar / 3. Drake / 4. Ed Sheeran / 5. Pink / 6. Jay-Z / 7. Logic / 8. Sam Smith / 9. Harry Styles / 10. The Chainsmokers (yikes)

There are only 2 women in the TOP 10, so here are the biggest female debuts of 2017:

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favourite album so far? and most overrated one?

Kelly Rowland gets Niall Horan’s name wrong

The "Commander" songstress, Kelly Rowland, mispronounced Niall Horan‘s name while introducing him at the American Music Awards last night. Not only did Horan perform his hit "On the Loose" "Slow Hands," but he also won the Best New Artist Award at the ceremony in Los Angeles Sunday night. Introducing him, Kelly goes: “And here he is with his hit song ‘Slow Hands’, it’s Neil Horan!” Rowland later that evening took to Twitter to correct herself: "Ladies and gentlemen, Niall Horan. I love the song. You heard me sing it." Shortly afterwards Niall responds to Kelly's tweet. Check the cut below to read his reply and more.

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Best New Artist huh? welp. hang it up Styles.

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First photos from Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai

- 55 Angles from 20 countries presented lingerie,

- Harry and Karlie high fived,

- Ming Xi fell.

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