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Kendall Jenner Celebrates Her 21st Birthday

  • She started off the party at Catch LA in outfit number 1

  • Then she went to Delilah in West Hollywood in outfit number 2 kendalljenner " Paris Hilton vibes. 21 21." The dress is Swarovski crystals worth $9,000

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what did you do for your 21st ONTD?

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Zayn Malik Denies Writing 1D Exit Statement and Talks Respecting Women in His New Book

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Zayn Malik has strongly hinted in his latest interview that he did NOT write the statement released when leaving 1D. When the statement was read to him, he had this to say:

I’m going to ask you a question now — do you think I wrote that? Like, look how it’s worded. I’m not a 35-year-old lawyer. I don’t write like that,

Also in the interview he says:

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Liam from 1D teases solo music nobody asked for

- Liam posted a snippet from a song he was working on at the studio last night.
- A few hours after posting the snipper he stated that it may not even be a song he releases. (Then why even post it???)
- The song contains one of the most embarrassing lyrics in 1D history.

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ONTD, this yalls man?

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Niall Horan, Ewan McGregor & Isla Fisher play Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts @ the Late Late Show

James, Niall Horan, Ewan McGregor and Isla Fisher take turns choosing between answering very personal questions or eating stomach-churning foods.


Niall & Isla have to try salmon smoothies.
James & Ewan eat scorpion and beef tongue.

Would you rather drink a salmon smoothie than reveal who is your least favourite member of 1D?

ONTD Original™: Little Mix's "Our World" Recap

Little Mix's new book Our World is finally out, so I decided to make a recap and show you the best and most important parts of it in case you're broke right now and can't buy it. And also because we all know that ONTD won't read 200+ pages. Enjoy!
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sources: my copy of "Our World" + my words + hosted images

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Liam Payne signs with Republic Records in the US

– Republic Records announced it today.
– Their clients include: Drake, Ariana Grande and the Weekend, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Lorde, etc.
– We can expect new music "soon" (whatever that means), through an alliance with Capitol UK.
– They have extemely high expectations for his solo career.

Do you have high expectations for his solo career, ontd?
(I guess if Niall out of all people can have a somewhat sucessful solo career than so can anyone else tbh.)

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Liam and Pregnant Cheryl Step Out in London

Liam and Cheryl had dinner in Nobu London Sunday night. New pics seem to confirm that Cheryl is pregnant.

2 down! Who will have a 1D baby next?