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Louis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki start promoting "Just Hold On" in the US

They'll perform on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday.

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They also did an interview with SiriusXM Hits 1:

Stuff they talk about:

  • The support from the fans & what the song is about.

  • Louis talks about Freddie quite a bit.

  • Steve talks about touring and needing to explore the places he travels to while doing it.

  • Louis has never met anyone in the industry who is as hard-working as Steve. (Since we know about 1D & their team's work ethic I completely believe him.)

  • They want to do more songs together, but nothing's planned yet.

  • Louis says that the sucess still gets a bit overwhelming at times, but he's very grateful for the position he's in and tries to be nice when he meets fans. It's different when he's with Freddie though.

  • Him and Zayn talked and are on good terms.

  • Enrique Iglesias joins them for a bit (IDEK?)

  • They ask about Louis's mum, he says he isn't really comfortable talking about her yet.

Some quotes:

[about the song, zayn, freddie & his mum]About the song: "It's as a sentiment, it's kind of about if whatever you've got going through your life, no matter what capacity, if it's a bit of a strugge you just gotta fight and stay positive and not sit on your ass and feel sorry for yourself. Just say I will make somehting happen, and I will make it better. "

About Zayn: "It’s a strange feeling but it’s nice. I think we’ve got to a point now, you know, I think a lot of us have spoken recently, me and Zayn have spoken recently. Got to a point now where, you know, you can just really, I don’t know, be happy for each other, and you know, things have happened in the past of course, and you know, yeah. It’s great. His first song was an absolute smash and that’s a great song. So, yeah, it’s nice."

About fatherhood: “I don’t think it’s changed my writing very much. It’s not as if I’m writing songs about my son. I love him obviously. It’s affected how I am as a person, a little bit. I’d like to say it’s made me a bit more mature, I don’t know if that’s true.”

About fan interactions & Freddie: “With fans I’ll always be super polite. But my time with my son is precious. So I am kind of reluctant to do anything other than spend all of my time with my son when I’m with Freddie. So, that’s just the way it is. Sometimes it’s irritating with paparazzi, but that’s the job that I’m dion. Sometimes I’ll get a few stern words that you may hear on TMZ one day."

The bit about his mum: "It’s not something that I feel 100 per cent comfortable talking too much about but just quickly, when I first found out the news I kind of did want to throw the towel in, but it was my mum who said to me that I’ve just got to keep going, telling me very sternly that she wanted me to. So I’m not doing it for her but... it was tough, but I felt like it was nice for me to almost have a little send off for her."

Aparently the Larrys are now harrashing the interviewer on twitter, because he asked Louis about Freddie.
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One Direction earned £89.9million by doing absolutely nothing this year

Despite spending the year "on hiatus" boyband One Direction tops this years list of the highest paid European celebrities by earing £89.9million, beating Cristiano Ronaldo (£72million) and Adele (£65.8million).

How broke are you, ONTD? Does this make you want to cry?
tea 5 (everyone)

Your Faves Celebrate Xmas

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i'll update / SORRY MODS
What are you planning to do for Christmas ?

UK's Official Chart: Little Mix, Louis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki, and Mariah Carey are on the Top 5

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Liam Payne updates: outside studio, is certain 1D will reunite, working w the Weeknd, Bey producers

Liam replied to a fan on twitter that he's 100% certain that 1D will reunite; the boy band are supposed to be on an 18 month break, meaning they are due to reunite October 2017. When he will be releasing his solo debut album is still unknown.
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What do you think his music will be like ONTD?

Louis Tomlinson will perform "Just Hold On" as tribute to his mom on tonights X-Factor

you can stream stream the song on spotify or buy it here (US) or here (UK).
X-Factor will stream the live performance on youtube tonight at 8pm GMT (3pm EST) here.


There are rumors that other members of 1D (and their families) might attend to support him. (EDIT: According to twitter all of them showed up. Even Zayn?)
Most of them have offered their condolonces on social media:

[under here]Liam:


And even Zayn:

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Considering the circumstances I really hope the song does well and props for going ahead with the performance to Louis. And EDM might not be a bad genre for him? IDK, I feel like shit for slagging him off for the last couple of months, now that we know why he looked so rough. =(
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Louis Tomlinson's mother, Johannah Deakin, passes away at 42

- was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia earlier this year
- passed away early December 7th
- she leaves behind her husband, Dan, seven children — Louis, 24, Lottie, 18, Felicite, 16, twins Daisy and Phoebe, 12, and twins Ernest and Doris, 2 — and her grandson, Freddie


this has me really shaken up for some reason. thoughts and good vibes to her family and friends/

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