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Rachel Platten announces THE WILDFIRE TOUR + she'll be performing at NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards

"Fight Song" singer RACHEL PLATTEN has just announced THE WILDFIRE TOUR. Rachel will be embarking on a 25-date tour throughout North America starting in February and ending in April. She has also been announced as a performer at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards, which will be broadcast on NBCSN on Friday, December 4.

Sources: Twitter + NASCAR

Gaga to cover V Magazine, Jan '16

Gaga is starting 2016 being the cover girl and guest editor for V Magazine's January issue. The fashionista enlisted the help of some of her closest couture confidants for the special issue, including Tom Ford, Nick Knight, Steven Klein and Inez andVinoodh.

"This issue of V is about all of these people coming together to express a passion for art and fashion, to really go there, to make a great statement and to change things," Gaga said.

She added, "I am saying thank you to all these people for everything they've given me...I want to make sure the world knows who they are.. a guard of people.. I call them my fashion guard!"

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Gaga & Mark Ronson team up for LG5

Lady Gaga is working on new music with Mark Ronson, according to Lily Allen!

The British pop star spilled the info at the 2015 British Fashion Awards red carpet. "I was meant to be in the studio with Mark Ronson tomorrow and he cancelled on me because Gaga's here," Allen revealed, adding: "I'm just going to turn up anyway, and be like, 'Hi Gaga!'"

Gaga and Ronson have known each other for years and back in 2010, she inspired the young producer to sing on his records. "I was recording the vocal on her song for Wale, and we were talking, and she was like, 'Have you ever taken singing lessons?', and I said no," Ronson recalled. "And she said, 'Well, you should try, you never know.' And so I did and I went to see her vocal coach. So, if it's really horrible, you can blame Lady Gaga for it."

Mark Ronson is known for his work with Robbie Williams, Christina Aguilera, Adele, Lily Allen, Paul McCartney and many others. He also produced several tracks on Amy Winehouse's hit album Back to Black, including "Rehab," for which he won a Grammy for "Record of the Year." Ronson scored his first number one single last year, when his track "Uptown Funk" featuring Bruno Mars was released to widespread critical and commercial success.

YASSS produce that electronic funk HIT

Time to Crown the New King of Pop! Justin Bieber Breaks the Beatles' Record for Most Hot 100 Hits.

ONTD fav Justin Bieber just can't stop winning. The well-endowed crooner just broke a long standing Billboard record previously held by Drake and The Beatles. Biebs' new album Purpose not only debut at #1, but 17 songs from the album also landed on the Hot 100. That is the most songs simultaneously on the chart!

Paraphrased from @BustinJieber. @JustJared.

All hail the Bieberconda!

5H on Camila's Solo Single, Camila shades Austin Mahone + girls attend Bieber's party with Shawn

-Lauren is excited about their Billboard Women in Music award because she'll get to see Lana Del Rey for the first time
-They talk about working with Stargate and Max Martin
-There is no date for the album yet because they aren't finished and don't want to disappoint like they did with Reflection
-At 2:05 they are asked about Camila's single with Shawn
-Dinah seems excited and says she knows what Camila did last summer
-Camila says they were touring with Austin Mahone (her ex) last summer
-Lauren gives standard answer about how supportive they are of each other
-When asked if the other girls will also have solo singles, Normani says that they are in the studio working on 5H2 and Ally says that they are focused on the group

-5H attended Justin Bieber's AMAs after party
-Camila arrived in a seperate car with Shawn, while 4H were together

-Camila was with an Island Records Rep and 2 of their artists, Shawn and Nick

Adele set to break N'Sync's record

She sold 900K on iTunes alone in 24 hours. Amazon reported 100K+ preorders, who knows what's happening on Google Play, plus physical copies, she most likely broke Britney's record on the first day


One direction get Grace Jones booted from the Jonathan Ross show

Grace Jones was booked to appear with them on the Jonathan Ross show, but 1D arranged to have her appearance cancelled.

Apparently 1D feared they would "look tame in comparison," a TV insider said. Apparently the 67 year old legend was not happy with her treatment and felt “it showed a complete lack of respect” from 1D.

Instead of Grace, British comic Michael McIntyre joined One Direction. However another source says was a choice made by management not the bandmembers and was purely for practicial reasons.
“Jonathan’s show was going to be a 1D special, with room for one guest, and management felt it was appropriate someone they were friends with should appear alongside them,".
do you think these 4 racist bowls of oatmeal would do that? have you ever written any fanfic, ONTD?