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Underrated queen, Sophie Ellis Bextor has a new album coming out

Her album, "my album is dropping" Familia, is dropping on 2 Sept

Get Familia: - Signed CD / vinyl http://www.bit.ly/getfamilia
- iTunes http://smarturl.it/itunesfamilia
- Google Play http://smarturl.it/googlefamilia
- Amazon http://smarturl.it/amazonfamilia

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Taylor Officially Adds Herself as Songwriter for TIWYCF

Taylor Swift has officially taken writing credits for Calvin Harris' hit song, "This is What You Came For." Previously, the star used the pseudonym "Nils Sköberg" on the writing credits, but now the BMI has been updated with Taylor's name directly.

The use of the pseudonym originally was to detract from Tayvin's relationship. They didn't want their ~love overshadowing the song.


Too many scandals going on at a time. How is this the most pertinent item on her list? Or is this like the only thing she can do rn?

Lady Gaga sings for ha LIFE @ Mexico foster home

While she’s currently on vacation following a comeback year and work on a new album, Lady Gaga seemingly can’t pull herself away from charitable causes. She stopped by the Casa Hogar home for boys in Cabo San Lucas, belting out a stripped, spirited rendition of her hit single, "Born This Way."

The visit comes on the heels of Gaga’s joint presentation with the Dalai Lama at the U.S. Conference of Mayors in June, where she spoke to the nation’s city leaders about issues of humanity, self-esteem, and striving for peace. “Caring for others and having compassion, it gives you a sense of purpose, so it helps you to feel less alone and alienated so you know we all belong together,” Gaga said during the event.

Does your fave never take a break from using their platform to spread compassion, ONTD?
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People online call Jojo Siwa fat and ugly all the time

Speaking with Access Hollywood, the Meghan Trainor fan said that on social media she gets called 3 things most often: a brat, fat, and ugly. While Siwa can't understand why people would be so rude, she adds that they were an inspiration for her song "Boomerang" because despite what haters throw at her, she'll always come back like a boomerang.


Kevin Parker: [Lady Gaga] is one of my new favorite people (+ possible LG5 leaks!)

Kevin Parker of Tame Impala was recently asked about working with Gaga. Trying not to reveal much, Kevin said, "I'm not at liberites to say. I was there, she was there, Mark was there. Something happened there." He goes onto say, "She's extremely nice. She's one of my new favorite people. She's full of passion, just loves music on every level. She's so dedicated and attentive, everything is meaningful. It's inspiring."

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Carly Rae Jepsen teams up with Britney's "Toxic" producer, and new album later this year?


One of Canada's greatest export Carly Rae Jepsen has teamed up with Swedish songwriter and producer Pontus Winnberg, for her next album. Winnberg has worked with many well known pop stars such as Britney Spears, Madonna, JLO, and Katy Perry. He is also the producer behind one of Britney's most popular songs, Toxic.

According to the source, Carly is expected to release her full length 4th album later this year, through School Boy Records and Interscope Records.

In addition to working with Winnberg, Carly was pictured working with Noonie Bao and Patrik Berger. Berger, a Grammy nominated composer, has worked with many artists such as Robyn, Lana Del Rey, Charli XCX, and Noonie Bao herself.

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Not sure how reliable this source is, but new music from CRJ is always welcomed! By the way, anyone in Chicago going to see Carly perform at the Pitchfork Festival today? If you can't make it, you can watch the live stream here. Her set starts at 4:25 pm PST. I hope she performs Fever or First Time!

Becky G does a Britney Spears inspired "Sola" performance at Premios Juventud #TBTPJ

On a special "Throwback Thursday" night at Premios Juventud, Becky G performs her new single, Sola, inspired by Britney Spears' iconic performance.

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Did she pull through, ONTD?
Ahora aguanta candela...

First Look: Britney Spears 'Private Show' Perfume Commercial

Pop Princess, Britney Spears, gave an exclusive look to Entertainment Tonight about her new commercial for her new fragrance 'Private Show.' The clip shows Britney hotter and more confident than she has been in years, and also features quite a bit of the song with the same name. The song is definitely a more "mature" sound and slaps hard. This is the type of music Britney fans have been asking for and it seems like Britney found it.


Damn, this is amazing! Same with the very LQ clip of 'Make Me (Oooh).' Y'all aren't ready!

Evan Rachel Wood Starts A New Band

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.37.12 PM

Evan Rachel Wood and musician Zach Villa have started a new pop band called Rebel and a Basketcase. The duo took their name from the John Hughes classic The Breakfast Club.

The two are inspired by David Bowie, 80's pop music, and androgyny.

--Evan Rachel Wood says David Bowie saved her life. Says, "You couldn't define him, and when I was growing up, that’s how I felt about myself"

--Her first influences were Nirvana, Shirley Manson, and grunge.

--Villa went to Juilliard and his first inspiration was "Room for Squares," by John Mayer

Their first single, "Oh Yeah," is out now.

Cute bop. Vid givin' me sophomore art school vibez tho.