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Sike, "Lemonade" not coming to iTunes

A Tidal spokesperson has confirmed to ELLE that "TIDAL will be streaming the album exclusively in perpetuity.


Carly Rae Jepsen to shoot new music video after her Canadian tour!

Tiny Canadian songtress, Carly Rae Jepsen, is currently in the middle of her 29-day Canadian tour (where Hedley is closing for her), and decided to take some time off today to answer some of your burning questions in a Q&A hosted by Ottawa radio station, Jump 106.9

She talks about hoping to work with Charli XCX and Jack Antonoff soon, shooting her next music video, releasing left-over songs from E•MO•TION, her hair, and possibly touring in Europe.

Here's a summary of the questions asked:

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Has your fave ever released 5 music videos from an album that flopped commercially? Which song from EMOTION should the music video be for? Warm Blood or I Didn't Come Here To Dance please.

Beyonce takes over Times Square

Beyonce took over Times Square in New York City yesterday (April 22), ahead tonight's HBO premiere of her new project, "Lemonade."

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Lemonade is expected to be the release of Bey's 6th solo album, which has been rumored as a lengthy concept video. It airs tonight on HBO at 9 p.m. EST.

Did you buy your wig glue, ONTD?
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Venues around the US pay tribute to The Purple One

Monuments in Denver, Indianapolis and Winnipeg have paid their respects as well. There are also tons of Prince dance parties going on tonight and throughout the weekend!


Britney Spears Upset; Dog Ate Her Cheese

Pop Princess Britney Spears, also known as Indie Jean, posted a rather Oscar worthy performance today on social media. It was in regard to her dog eating all of her cheese. Yes, Indie Jean is quite upset over the matter, as is apparent via her Instagram post. I will wait for Wendy Williams to dedicate a half an hour to this, all the while shaming her for everything from "bad parenting" to "exposing a dog to dairy products." Be sure to tune in to that by weeks end or possibly tomorrow!


Honestly, I am just glad to know Hannah Spears is alive and well. Maybe she can have a feature on #B9?

The Song of the Summer Has Arrived: Erika Jayne Premieres 'How Many Fucks?'

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills & 7 #1's* Holder Erika Jayne has premiered her new single, "How Many Fucks?".
*= denotes #1's on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Charts.


ONTD,Will you be bopping to this for months to come? I think so!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' New Boyfriend Nick Jonas Absolutely Slays #SNL

Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus introduced ONTD fav Nick Jonas on Saturday Night Live last night. The gay icon serenaded American television viewers with a soaring rendition of his hit single Close, followed by an energetic performance of his bop Champagne Problems.

Nicky J served guns and sass all night as a sexy pool boy everyone wanted to get with, a beefy lawn mower, and an accurate portrayal of a Long Island native.

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Sort of follow-up to this post.


ONTD Original Investigation: Does JLO Sing on ANY Of Ha Choruses?

Does JLO Sing on ANY Of Ha Choruses?

i mean the gorls were speedin down i-95 siftin thru la hennys discography only to uncover the true unsolved mystery, and thats that that bit doesnt chime in on any of ha singles, especially the hits. the only time she started singin ha choruses was as the GP sis started getting hip to ha beyonce-esque tendencies (stealin mariahs steez during ha slight breakdown, stealing get right from ursher, stealing waiting for tonight from some unknowns, stealing jenny from the block, stealin what is love, i mean shall a sis continue ..) anyway, a bit summoned the powers of the true queens jessica fletcher myah marie & detective latoya jackson to uncover one of the greatest mysteries of our time behind who built the pyramids & do aliens exist .. does jlo sing on ha choruses? if not then who?


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ontd, are you pissed?
when were u the most disappointed in ya fave?