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Lady Gaga: How many children must we lose?

Lady Gaga took to her Twitter account today to show support in the wake of yet another shooting. "How many children must we lose b4 our justice system does something?," Gaga tweeted along with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.


Gaga Takes It To Capitol Hill

In an assemblage that can only be described as Stripper Turned Politician, with an open, oversized pantsuit revealing a mesh-front brassiere that she pairs, very much in Gaga fashion, with chunky platform heels and a short, blonde coif

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Do you like to mix up styles, ONTD? Did you wear converses with your prom dress?


Lady Gaga And Stevie Wonder perform for Tony Bennett

Lady Gaga performed for Tony Bennett at his 90th Birthday Celebration at NYC's Rainbow Room on Wednesday night. Gaga took the stage to perform some of her favorite jazz standards such as "La Vie En Rose" and "Bang Bang," as well as an acoustic version of her hit "Bad Romance." She was later joined by the legendary Stevie Wonder and sang "I Wish," "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" and "Happy Birthday" for Tony.

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Do you want to live to 90, ONTD?
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Celine Dion Wants To Cover AC/DC and Lady Gaga

Celine is currently in Quebec on a summer tour until the end of August
Says she can see Rene's death and feel bad she lost her best friend and that her sons lost their father but she knows he's with them in their hearts in a different way
She trusted Rene so much that she didnn't bother to go to meetings but now she's been getting really involved and attending meetings
She has a lot of ideas that she wants to do such as an unplugged show with just acoustics
Someday she wants to do a show where it's not all of her popular songs and rare songs
Celine also says she would also like to do a show where she covers other artists songs that she loves.
She lists AC/DC, Miley Cyrus, Sia, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, The Doobie Brothers, Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Who
She loves AC/DC's song Thunderstruck


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Mark Ronson: LG5 is some of my favorite music I've ever worked on

Mark Ronson says Lady Gaga's new album is "incredible." The musician, who is producing the upcoming record, spoke about the project during Zane Lowe's Apple Music Beats 1 show earlier today and revealed that it's some of his favorite music that he'd ever worked on.

"We've been working on this record for a while," Ronson said. "I can't really get into it too much. I'm not trying to be coy, but I feel like it's not my place. When the time's right to tell the story, I feel like she should tell. But it's some of my favorite music I've really ever worked on. It's incredible, I love it."

He continued: "It's very rare you're working on something and you go to bed at 3 in the morning and you wake up at 8 and you just cannot wait to get back to the studio to work on that thing you were working on. I can't wait until you can hear it because the music speaks for itself. Some of my favorite musicians of all time are working on it," Mark added.

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Lady Gaga spotted in NYC with guitar, American flag, hot body

Queen of Cas ("casual") Lady Gaga was recently spotted in NYC just doing what a normal person would do. She is definitely not thirst trapping for her ex.

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What would it take for you to take back an ex, ONTD??????? Mine has been liking my photos on instagram and I'm sf weak...

Official American Horror Story promo

While the theme of the new season of American Horror Story is kept under wraps, 6 new teasers for the show have made their way online.

The new installment of American Horror Story will debut on Wednesday, September 14th on FX, a month ahead of its usual schedule.

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What's the new theme going to be, ONTD?
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Lady Gaga at the DNC

Lady Gaga performed a mini concert at the DNC, from which all media were supposedly banned. But not photographers? ANYWAY, there's no HQ video, but with a voice like her's she doesn't need it. Here are some photos and videos of her performances.

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