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ONTD Original: Top 5 Embarrassing Fan Questions

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I'm back with the second hand embarrassment y'all, and this time I bring the big guns, because it comes in the form of Embarrassing Fan Questions at Panels.

We all have had our fair share of experiencing second hand embarrasmment when it comes to fans asking really weird, obnoxious, delusional, unnecessary, off topic, and self-entitled questions to actors at fan conventions, but I'm sure there are moments at panels that you can't even think about without cringing because it's just too painful to remember. Well you're in luck, because I hate myself and took a trip down memory lane to find what I believe (of what I can rememeber anyway, because I blocked out the rest) to be the top five most cringworthy questions/moments at conventions .

I put brief decriptions at the bottom of the videos for any soul who can't bear second hand embarrassment.

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Well that was torture. I almost regret making this post. 

Another returning character for Game of Thrones!

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this post is dedicated to fenchurchly

Maisie Williams Skydives for Dolphin Charity in a Harry Styles T-Shirt

"Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams skydived over the weekend to raise money for Mencap, a U.K based charity that helps people with learning disabilities and The Dolphin Project, an organization led by Ric O'Barry, star of "The Cove", that is "committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and protecting dolphins around the world from captivity."

Maisie wore a shirt by The Dolphin Project quoting Harry Styles during One Direction's San Diego show from the "On the Road Again" Tour and featuring his fern leaf hip tattoos. You can purchase the shirt HERE.

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ONTD, would you skydive to save the dolphins?


Guess Which Supporting Character is Returning to Game of Thrones


-Last seen escaping the Red Wedding because he went outside to take a piss, Brynden "Blackfish" Tully (Clive Russell) aka Catelyn's uncle is returning to the show for the sixth season.

-Set reports have noted that tents have set up camp outside of what is assumed to be Riverrun which basically means we're getting the Siege of Riverrun

-This is mostly significant because it was a Jaime storyline where he was settling affairs post-war Westeros. It leads to possibly bigger things for him, but it ends in a cliffhanger because GRRM is evil Santa.

-No word on if Tobias Menzies is returning.

book readers, do you allow yourself to hope for what else this could mean?

Game of Thrones, Outlander and Harry Potter get official coloring books

- The Game of Thrones and Outlander coloring books come out on October 27
- GRRM says there are plans for a coloring contest in the future
- The Harry Potter one comes out November 10

Source: grrm, and me browsing through Amazon

Do you like coloring books, ONTD? Will you be coloring away your frustration with the wait for Winds of Winter?

Natalie Dormer:"Its a such massive compliment that people think Margaery is a threat to Cersei"

Natalie Dormer, Keisha Castle Hughes, and Finn Jones attend Game of Thrones New York City Comic Con Panel.


Natalie asked on how Margaery is a threat to Cersei in Season 6:

"What a massive compliment that you think she’s a threat!” said Dormer. “Oh God, I love working with Lena so much. Because Margaery is trying to be Cersei. She wants to be the mother of the king. I mean, she wants to have a child with him who winds up on the Iron Throne. And Cersei knows that. So it’s like the Cold War -- mutually assured destruction! But it got really interesting last season and they’ve got new problems. So who knows… The enemy of my enemy is my friend, maybe?”

Finn Jones wants scenes with Jon Snow:

"I think Loras would probably turn Jon Snow gay, I’d like to see that happen. ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow.’ I’d teach him a thing or two".
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Who do you guys think Natalie auditioned for? My guess is that it was Melisandre.