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Karrueche Tran is granted a 5-year permanent restraining order against Chris Brown

  • Karrueche filed for a 3-year restraining order against Chris back in February. She was granted a temporary restraining order then, while her team tried to serve Chris the legal papers. Chris was finally served on his birthday in May.

  • Karrueche was supposed to testify in late May and tried to via phone since she was filming a TV show in New Orleans.

  • Karrueche was in court today and testified, while being grilled by Chris' lawyer, David Gammill. Chris refused to show up in person and wanted to testify via phone, but the judge refused. His lawyer claimed that Chris didn't have to show up because he was never served, but there's video evidence that he was.

  • Chris became extremely aggressive after Karrueche broke up with him because he had a baby with another woman. Chris was mad that Karrueche wouldn't give back rings that he gave her as gifts and started threatening her.

  • Karrueche showed audio evidence from voicemails. She also showed text messages she's received from Chris and testified that he has beat her before.

  • The voicemails included Chris cursing and spewing threats. The text messages said: "I'm not being nice to you no more, if I see you out in public again and I'm there I will make you hate me even more, don't be anywhere I'm out in public, I'm going to ban you from all events," "I can get my money back and I'm tired of playing games," "Bitch I will beat the shit out of you," "I promise you I will make your life hell," and "I want my motherfucking rings back or I'm gonna hurt your limbs."

  • Chris also commented on an instagram photo of Karrueche and Michael B. Jordan, "Imma kill blood."

  • Karrueche was granted a 5-year permanent restraining order, 2 years more than she asked for, despite Chris' lawyer claiming that Karrueche "deserved it" because she was "taunting him" by claiming she sold the rings so that he would finally leave her alone.

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Chris Brown responds to Karrueche's abuse allegations

Chris says that he refuses to go to court and isn't guilty and that Karrueche and her team are lying stalkers that he needs a restraining order from.

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... Yeah Karrueche is totaaaaallllly lying. That's why there are videos of you forcing your way into her car, saying you're a stalker who will make her life miserable, yelling her name in songs, threatening guys who like her instagram pics, and have members from your team/crew saying that you spend your nights on drugs stalking her instagram

Chris Brown is finally served with a restraining order on his birthday

  • Karrueche got a restraining order against Chris back in February

  • Chris was evading the restraining order and court dates and ordering his team not to accept the order

  • Karrueche's legal team was finally able to track him down and served him the papers outside his birthday bash at Grooves nightclub

  • The court hearing is supposed to be this month, but who knows if Chris will show up

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Chris Brown punches club photographer

  • Chris Brown was paid to spend an hour at the AJA Channelside club in Tampa, Florida. He only spent 3-5 minutes there.

  • There was a paid club photographer named Bennie Vines there who was taking pictures of the crowd and Chris.

  • Chris said no pictures and then punched Bennie Vines, giving him a split lip.

  • The police were called, but by the time they arrived Chris left.

  • The police are investigating and Bennie has contacted lawyers who say he has a very good case.

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It's clear that he never changed and continues to assault so many people. What is it gonna take for him to be in jail for more than a couple of months?

Wendy Williams gets emotional while discussing Chris Brown; "Feeling a ways"; "Knows the struggle"


She ain't right, I can't at her empathizing this human garbage but then she wants to take every chance she can to side eye Karrueche for staying after the abuse started.

Karrueche set to see Chris Brown in court for a permanent restraining order

  • Karrueche was granted an emergency restraining order against Chris because he has been threatening to shoot her

  • They were set to go to court 3 times so Chris could be served the restraining order, but Chris kept evading court

  • Chris has been claiming that she and anyone who says he's an abusive mess (ie the person from his entourage who leaked all the info to the Billboard expose) are liars

  • Karrueche is determined to prove he's a threat and give him an ultimatum: stay away from her for 3 years or go to jail

  • Apparently Karrueche is willing to testify under oath that Chris was just as violent towards her as he was towards Rihanna

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Karrueche's BFF, Joseph Ryan la Cour, files a restraining order against Chris Brown

  • Joseph Rayn la Cour, Karrueche's BFF, filed a restraining order against Chris Brown after Karrueche filed one last week.

  • Chris has been saying that wherever Karrueche and Joseph go, he will find them and shoot the place up.

  • At Diddy's Superbowl party, Chris saw Joseph and told him, "it's 2017 ... Ima fuck you up every time I see you so you better get the fuck out of here before I lay your ass out."

  • At the same party, Chris threw a drink at one of Karrueche and Joseph's friends and told her, "move bitch, we aren't friends."

  • Chris has sent guys after Joseph that he believes may be part of The Bloods, a Los Angeles gang. In a Billboard article, Chris's own team spilled that his current best friends are gang members from The Bloods.

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Almost killed Rihanna for catching him cheating; stalking, abusing, and obsessing over Karrueche and her friends because she left him after he had a kid on her; beating up his manager, Mike G, because his album flopped; punching Frank Ocean and settling out of court with Frank's cousin; making people sleep in the bus instead of hotels on tour, if he gets mad at them; getting kicked out of rehab twice; throwing a rock through his mom's car window after bad family therapy sessions... HE NEEDS TO BE IN PRISON

Billboard Published a Chris Brown Expose : Inside Chris Brown's Addiction & Anger

Everything we already assumed.

- He is an addict. Molly, cocaine, lean, Xans are his go-to's.
- His guards check up on him nightly to check his pulse.
- He spends most of his nights drugged out scrolling through IG to get tabs on Karrueche - her whereabouts, who she is with, what she looks like.
- Many members of his team have been interviewed for this piece, some anonymously.
- He surrounds himself with gang members since he has distanced himself from everyone who cares for him.
- Doesn't take his medication.
- He's a great Instagram dad.
- On the set of his Grass Ain't Greener video shoot he got mad and excused himself to the bathroom. He was found there later sleeping.

Sounds like if he does not get his act together soon, he is going to end up dead.