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New Music: Beyoncé feat. Chris Brown - 'Jealous (Remix)'

A version of Beyoncé’s “Jealous” was leaked featuring Chris Brown.
CB sings along with Bey: “Queen Bey, I’m trippin’ ’cause I’m a little insecure when your phone go off,” he sings. “So mad I’m drunk texting / Now I’m reminiscing how we fell in love in Texas / Girl, I’m jealous.”

CB tweeted (and deleted obv):
"I did the jealous remix some months ago for the Beyoncé collaboration album but it was never used. Glad you guys get to hear it"

Beyonce hasn't commented on the leaked song

Karrueche Tran: “I Still Love Chris Brown"

On March 28th, Karreuche's interview with Inyala had aired where they talked about everything Chris Brown. She revealed exactly how she found out about Chris Brown's daughter Royalty. "Honestly, [I found out] through social media. Actually, at the moment that I found out, he was texting me saying, 'I need to talk to you in person.' Then I got online and I saw that."

How she currently feels about Breezy? " I still love him. I've tried to get him help. Go to church, pray, yoga, meditate. If he wanted to change, we'd be in a better place. But that's the problem. He is damaged but .. I'm damaged too."
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Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get More Budget Than the Kid's Choice Awards

The 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards!

Gay icon, Nick Jonas, leaves the slime behind as he and others of questionable fame arrive on the red carpet for the iHeartRadio Music Awards:

Taylor Swift

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The show is airing live on NBC!

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Bitch better have Nick J's money!

Karrueche Tran Looks Uncomfortable During Her Healing Conversation With OWN's Iyanla Vanzant

Karrueche Tran decided to have a "healing conversation" about Chris Brown with spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant.  The interview will air on Saturday at 8PM on OWN (Oprah's network that also helped Lindsay Lohan heal).  Above is a snippet from the interview, which looks like it will be an interesting watch. I always love when celebrities get uncomfortable with a question and look for their publicist to rescue them.

"I know what he needs," Karrueche says about Chris.

"Well what do you need? Because obviously while you were taking care of his needs, he was not taking care of yours," Iyanla points out, which causes Karrueche to look away for help.

There were rumors that Karrueche shut down the interview and asked Iyanla to leave, but in an interview with The Grio, Iyanla explained that only Karrueche's management had a problem with the way the interview was going (yeah, because Karrueche kept looking at them like she wanted to shut it down!). Iyanla also says that as far as she knows, Chris was not physically abusive to Karrueche.

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Chris Brown’s Desperate Request to Baby Mama

While the rest of us are patiently waiting on a paternity test to confirm the rumours of Chris Brown's alleged child, it seems that Chris has no problems claiming his daughter and is deperately trying to make arrangements so that he could co-parent with his alleged baby mother, Nia Guzman.

According to a source at TMZ, Chris Brown wants nothing more than to be a hands-on father. "He's asked Nia to move to L.A. with their daughter and he'll foot the bill for housing. He's not romantically involved with Nia but we're told he wants a meaningful relationship with Royalty. He's saying he'd like to see her everyday."

ONTD Original: Your Ultimate 'Fuckboy' Guide

Anyone who uses social media has probably come across the term "fuckboy" at some point in the last year. From hashtags to Buzzfeed quizzes, "fuckboy" has joined the likes of "shade" and "bae" and just about every other term created by black people as extremely overused (and commonly misused) slang. So for all you folks out there still struggling to understand when the fuckboy hashtag is necessary and what constitutes as a fuckboy, here's a simple guide with some definitions and some of ONTD's most frequently talked about fuckboys.

(There are lots of words in this post, but I believe in you, ONTD!)

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Chris Brown is Free Y'all

-He has completed his community service and his probation officer put in a good word with the judge

-Judge signed off on his probation

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Rihanna: Chris Brown is a beast

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In an offhanded reference to her dating history during a recent TIME interview to promote her new animated movie 'Home', the pop star in the room cited Beauty and the Beast: “I fell in love with the Beast. That’s pretty much my dating record so far.” Obviously referring to her relationship with the piece of shit known as Chris Brown.

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