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Waitress fired for hooking up with Orlando Bloom

-Vivian Ross, 21, a waitress at a London hotel, told a friend that a "night of incredible sex" with Orlando Bloom was worth losing her job over.
-The two hit it off when he was promoting his film Unlocked in London. She was pouring drinks for him, and that's when they noticed the "electricity" between them.
-She met up with Bloom later that night at Chiltern Firehouse restaurant and hotel, and he invited her back to his five-star suite for drinks.
-Bloom left early the next morning for an interview, but she stayed in his bed, where a manager at the hotel found her, one of her friends said.
-Ross then received a text for "fraternizing with clients."
-Bloom reportedly called her and apologized for her firing.

ONTD, ever hook up with a celeb and get fired over it?


New Charlie's Angels movie coming summer 2019

- Elizabeth Banks will be directing and producing the Charlie's Angels reboot
- release date is June 7, 2019

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ONTD, who would you cast?

Morrissey goes on xenophobic rant following Manchester attack

Morrissey took to Facebook today to share some of his thoughts on the Manchester attack.

Celebrating my birthday in Manchester as news of the Manchester Arena bomb broke. The anger is monumental.
For what reason will this ever stop?

Theresa May says such attacks "will not break us", but her own life is lived in a bullet-proof bubble, and she evidently does not need to identify any young people today in Manchester morgues. Also, "will not break us" means that the tragedy will not break her, or her policies on immigration. The young people of Manchester are already broken - thanks all the same, Theresa. Sadiq Khan says "London is united with Manchester", but he does not condemn Islamic State - who have claimed responsibility for the bomb. The Queen receives absurd praise for her 'strong words' against the attack, yet she does not cancel today's garden party at Buckingham Palace - for which no criticism is allowed in the Britain of free press. Manchester mayor Andy Burnham says the attack is the work of an "extremist". An extreme what? An extreme rabbit?

In modern Britain everyone seems petrified to officially say what we all say in private. Politicians tell us they are unafraid, but they are never the victims. How easy to be unafraid when one is protected from the line of fire. The people have no such protections.

23 May 2017.

Source: Facebook

Tommy Dewey on nudity in 'Casual': "At this point, I'll drop trou for anything"


  • Tommy Dewey (The Mindy Project, Code Black) joked that he "did a lot of squats this season just to keep pace" with newly added Chace Crawford, who bares his own backside in the new season. Crawford will have a recurring role.

  • Judy Greer (Arrested Development, Jawbreaker, Married) also joins the cast as a love interest for Tommy's character, Alex.

  • Dewey and costar Michaela Watkins have a running joke where they see who had the most closed set days in a given season. Dewey won the first time around, but Michaela is the likely contender for the new one. He adds: "First season, I carried the burden. At this point it’s old hat. I’ll drop trou for anything."

  • Dewey co-wrote an episode this season with Watkins.

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Just a reminder for ONTD's four fans that the new season started airing on Hulu today.
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29 Storylines From TV Shows That Pissed Everyone Off

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What tv-storyline do you get annoyed by??

Kpop Post: Sistar's Goodbye, Highlight,LOOΠΔ...

Starship released a video regarding SISTAR's disbandment, previous to their last release on May 31st

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i really hope SISTAR's comeback is not a boring ballad :c

Cartoon Network to air DC SUPER HERO GIRLS Animated Show

From the source;

"The world may know them as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl, but not-so-typical teenagers Diana, Kara and Barbara, alongside their Super Hero friends have much more to deal with than just protecting the citizens of Metropolis from some of the most sinister school-aged Super-Villains of the DC Universe. After all, being teens is tough enough, what with school, friends, family and the chaos that comes with managing a social life. . But add super powers and a secret identity to the mix, and things can get a lot more complicated."

Helmed by Lauren Faust (Friendship is Magic), the runaway success to Mattel's toy line collaboration is headed to television next year. But, in the meantime, you can always watch the webisodes on the youtube channel.


I genuinely like the show and the dolls so ❤️! Still kind of wish it was Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls though.

The not so subtle art of being a fat girl, or Tess Holliday is releasing a book

It's been SO difficult keeping this secret, but Mama wrote a book & it's coming out soon! 🎉'The Not So Subtle Art of Being A Fat Girl' is all about discovering how to love your body, love, life, heartbreak and more! Follow me on my journey of loving the skin I'm in 😭🙌🏻 Available for presale now- link is in my bio! (My book is available worldwide!) Photo/Graphic by @nickhollidayco 💋
#NotSoSubtleTess #effyourbeautystandards

- It will be published in August

- It's a "manifesto", a passionate plea for women to embrace body positivity and be comfortable in their own skin, regardless of dress size. A candid account that will explain why it's okay to make mistakes/learn from them and encourage woman to love their imperfections

- Mentions that Tess is behind the 2013 #EffYourBeautyStandards campaign - the hashtag has been shared over 2 million times by now

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Are you comfortable in your own skin, ONTD? Book post? This could go either way.