ONTD Original: 10 Facts About Sexy Action Stars Pam Grier and Reiko Ike

These two ladies gained recognition by kicking ass, taking names, and looking good while doing it. They starred in numerous action-erotica films that created their celebrity almost overnight. Both women had a passion for playing strong-willed characters that out shined everyone else. Pam enjoyed portraying a heroic crusader against the criminal menace that plagued black neighborhoods. Reiko leaned a bit more in the opposite direction, taking roles of a female yakuza boss or wild rebel, but did play parts similar to Pam's characters that fought against injustice.

Pam Grier
“My life is probably more interesting and dangerous than some of the movies I’ve done,” she said."
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A year ago today Britney Spears and Tinashe invited us to their "Slumber Party"

One year ago today on November 18th, Britney Spears would redeem herself after the "Make Me..." music video travesty and teamed up on the visual with the good sis iigoru Tinashe on the underrated and literally slept on "Slumber Party." Y'all do know we don't actually sleep at a slumber party right? But I digress...released as the second and final single off "Glory" and directed on October 25th, 2016 by Colin Tilley - the clip would bring much needed relief to the stanbase after the let downs that were the back to back "Febreeze" "Perfume" [from the Britney Jean mixtape] and "Make Me..." [lead single to Glory]. Both of those clips were either re-edited or completely shelved and re-shot. Get your shit together Team Britney. Let us have a re-watch, look back at the behind the scenes of this music video and mourn the abrupt end to the "Glory" era that deserved 2 to 6 more singles.

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Poll #2075080 Glory Poll

What song off "Glory" should have been a single?

Just Luv Me
Do You Wanna Come Over?
Love Me Down
Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)
Mood Ring
Other Flop Choice

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Ontd Original: Forgotten Cult Shows!!!

Forgotten Cult Shows: Part I
There's a ton of shows that have gathered cult followings from just the last two decades alone. These have become lost to time, technology-responsible memory loss and fickle audiences. All are of a wide range of genres, some are complete, some were killed off way before its time. Many of these shows have both moments that vacillate between pure brilliance and pure cheese. Let's indulge in pure nostalgia, shall we?
Science Fiction
Cleopatra 2525 (2000-2001)
Young exotic dancer Cleo is put into suspended animation after medical issues arise during cosmetic surgery. She awakens 525 years in the future. She promptly joins two warrior women, Hel & Sarge as part of a resistance group against the Baileys, flying robots who control the surface of Earth. All of humanity has moved underground, surviving using a series of shafts and tunnels. A disembodied female voice gives different teams of other hot warrior women, including Cleo's, orders to combat the machines. Corny dated pop culture jokes and phrases are abound.
Highlights: Gina Torres' supreme hotness, the women-driven cast including Jennifer Sky & Victoria Pratt, Gina Torres singing the theme song below, Canada-budget special effects
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Lena Dunham apologizes for defending alleged rapist Murray Miller

- Murray Miller, writer for Girls, has been accused of raping then 17 year old Aurora Perrineau. Lena Dunham and others have come to his defense due to their experiences with the writer. They are alleging that she blackmailed him and then went to The Wrap with her story after he refused to pay her.
- Lena and others have gotten heat on social media after their insensitive comments. Like always, Lena apologized:
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No visa problems for Adriana Lima - she's in Shanghai

- graced people with her presence at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel,

- she's walking for Victoria's Secret since 1999,

- currently named the most valuable angel.

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ONTD Original: When Bad Singles Happen to Good Albums

It's a tale as old as time: your favorite artist releases his or her (more often than not, her) new single, and after sometimes years of anticipation, you press play and find yourself... underwhelmed. Now, with weeks to go before the accompanying album is scheduled to drop, your anticipation has been considerably diluted. You may even be a bit nervous - you've waited so long, and now the very thing you've been looking forward to for what feels like ages sounds like it's gonna suck.

Then, the album leaks drops, and just like that your worries are dissolved. Dissolved, and replaced with a new, more fiery frustration, because... the album is good. Really, really good. But the single tanked, it's the one song you skip in an otherwise flawless lineup, and a bunch of preteens on Twitter are throwing an #(Insert Artist Name Here)IsOver party. "Why," you ask the heavens, "Why do bad singles happen to good albums?" Here, I take a closer look at five pop albums in recent memory that were done dirty by the singles that preceded them - and muse over the singles that could have been.

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Text: bluecid, Hot 100 chart positions via Billboard's archives
Video: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
What albums would you add to this list, ONTD? This is my first "original," so be gentle!

Morrissey said something stupid yet again, defends Kevin Spacey

- In true idiotic male fashion, Morrissey made sure to let us know that he doesn't see the big deal about the sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey

- Said the claims were ridiculous and that the definitions of sexual assault and harassment have become too broad these days

- Basically defends date rape saying if you're in a bedroom with someone you have to be aware of where such thing can lead to

- Says the story doesn't sound credible to him and wonders where Anthony Rapp's parents were when he was in the bedroom with Kevin


David Cassidy (67) in hospital after organ failure

David Cassidy is reportedly suffering from kidney failure. He released a statement previously about his struggles with dementia. He is apparently conscious and surrounded by friends/family.