The cast of Lifetime's Britney Spears biopic has been announced!

Kevin Federline will be played by Clayton Chitty.

Justin Timberlake will be played by Nathan Keyes.

Jason Alexander will be played by Kelly McCabe.

Wade Robson will be played by Markian Tarasiuk.

Full pics of the cast at the source!

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Tom Hiddleston for Interview Magazine

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Hiddleston bringing that JP realness

🚨🚨J-Pop Music Emergency🚨🚨 Utada Hikaru- Fantôme Release Day!! 🎉🎉

1. "Michi (Road)"
2. "Ore no Kanojo (My Girlfriend)"
3. "Hanataba wo Kimini (A Bouquet of Flowers for You)"
4. "Nijikan Dake no Vacance (A Two Hour Vacation)" (featuring Sheena Ringo)
5. "Ningyo (Mermaid)"
6. "Tomodachi (Friend)" (featuring Nariaki Obukuro)
7. "Manatsu no Tooriame (Midsummer Showers)"
8. "Kouya no Ookami (Wolf in the Wilderness)"
9. "Boukyaku (Forgotten)" (featuring KOHH)
10. "Jinsei Saikou no Hi (The Best Day of My Life)"
11. "Sakura Nagashi (Flowing Cherry Blossoms)"

Hanataba wo Kimi Youtube 360 Version:
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8 years!!! What are your favorites so far? "Michi" is SLAYING me

Wikipedia/Youtube/PopCrush (album cover)