The View reacts to the Trump sons jealous over Jared Kushner and America's obsession with OJ

Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, Jedediah Bila and Paula Faris
Today's 🔥 topics:
It's Friday it means no Whoopi but we get Paula. However, Joy is refereeing the panel which means it wasn't as bad as last week's episode. They discuss about the jealousy of Trump's sons over the affection that 45 has shown Kompromat Kush Kush. However, they all deduced that Ivanka with remain NUMBER ONE! They discuss if 45 had to throw somebody under the bus who would he choose Donald Jr or Jared. It was split till Joy broke the tie saying knowing him he would likely through Donald Jr under the bus.

The panel discusses OJ Simpson. The current obsession over him and his escapades. Joy mentions how CNN spent a whole day covering OJ instead of airing 24/7 45 drama. They talk about how his previous criminal record was not brought into play during this parole hearing. They say race is playing a big part in regards to this debacle. They also mention the docu-series and the dramatic re-enactment of the events that happened in 1989.

The cast of The Girls Trip come on the View to promote their new movie. Sunny mentions that she's in the movie. Sunny brings up how it's interesting to see an R rated movie like this being led by four Black women. Overall, it's PR for the movie which seems to be a good movie.

BONUS: They discuss make-up sex. The best part of the show. Jed argues for how can you not have makeup sex as well as quality time. Sunny brings up a text fight she is having with her spouse in regards to a mess that was left by their house gym. However, Sunny says that it was a mess left by their 14 year old son. Goddamn Paula is angered that she posted a text that included her husband. PAULA WHAT?!


Sara and Joy were on point today. Sara is so goddamn precious!
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Oscar-winner Mark Rylance says he would be embarrassed to ever campaign for an Oscar

-- Mark Rylance won Best Supporting Actor last year for Spielberg's recent borefest 'Bridge of Spies'
-- Says he did not campaign for it at all during awards season as he was in London doing a play, and not in LA
-- His quote: "How embarrassing to campaign for an award, to sell yourself. I would never do that. It seems very demeaning and time-consuming. Fortunately, I didn't have to have the philosophical debate, because I was busy."

Also, having seen Dunkirk, it's safe to assume he's likely the only person getting any awards recognition for it (in supporting of course).


Ise Lyfe's "The Bazics" - What You Should Know About Police Brutality | Zendaya: The App

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Shadowhunters - SDCC Roundup!

The Producers of HBO’s Confederate Respond to the Backlash

following up this post

- They understood the critics’ outrage but said it was premature. The time to truly judge the show would come on its premiere night, and not before. They acknowledge they anticipated some backlash.
- They were pointing to specific slavery related imagery that will not be depicted in Confederate, like the whips and the plantations. The producers explained that their narrative isn’t a defense of slavery or an endorsement of white supremacist ideas.
- They’ve known each other for 10 years, and that they’re approaching this project as a true collaboration, there are no sell-outs involved in this show. Malcolm and Nichelle are not props being used to protect someone else.
- They also pointed to the current administration as a reason why the topics brought up in Confederate may need to be discussed again in depth. It's alive and still happening today.
- They acknowledged the high-wire act of the concept, because it's terrifying, it's scary for different reasons.

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Aronofsky's 'mother!' gets new release date + teaser news!

The super secret film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem was previously set for an October release, which seemed to coincide with the horror-like vibe given by the poster. But Aronofsky announced a new date (not a delay!!)

Also, a few lucky people will get to see the mother! teaser attached to Dunkirk:

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The big question is whether mother! will be included in the Venice Film Festival.