Stephen Lang wants to play Cable in Deadpool 2


Who would you want to see play Cable, ONTD?

Mariah and Beyonce are going to collab?

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Above: Mariah, Lady Gaga & Beyonce

Mariah and Beyonce were spotted together at a charity event the other day.

They also share the same business manager which apparently means it'll make it easier to collab.

They also got into a bidding war over a potrait of Ray Charles, which they both somehow won (timeshare?)


what type of song do you guys think it will be, if it happens?

ONTD, what is/are your fav duets?


New Ghostbusters Lego Figures


For those of you who have felt continually burned by the exclusion of female characters in franchise Lego sets, here's the new Ghostbusters Lego set! It doesn't fix those old wounds but hopefully it'll make you smile a little.

Included in the set are the four Ghostbusters, their secretary Kevin, a red demon, the Ecto-1, and Ecto-2. It will go for 59.99 and is coming out this summer around June.

The movie comes out July 15.

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we're supposed to be getting a trailer by the end of this month

At least Tori Spelling has her stepson for company

In that same appearance Wednesday on Kocktails with Khloe where she revealed her inner piss demon, Teri Spelling talks about having her husband Dean McDermott's son from a previous marriage, Jack (17), move in them (supposedly due to the owed child support her husband failed to pay). She initially worried that she was going to be a "stepmonster" but adds, "We had some rough years and now it's amazing and we have a good relationship and he's like my best friend." (probably the only "friend" she doesn't pester for cash)

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ontd, are you "friends" with your parents? also it still pains me tori spelling lost her tag

Is Beyonce Performing at the Grammys? + Kelly Defends Bey and SNL's Formation Spoof

Several factors have led some to believe that Beyonce will be performing at the Grammys later this week.  The seating chart showed her sitting in the front row despite not having any nominations for this year.  A purported photo of her dressing room for the awards show was also released which would be strange if she were just attending.  Will we have our first full performance of Formation?   Or perhaps the first official single off the new album?

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Racist America better clutch on to ya'll Life Alerts this week!

NBA All-Star Saturday Results

For the first time ever, bigs participated in the Skills Challenge and 7ft Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl Anthony Towns beat out 5'9"ft Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas (tied for the shortest all-star ever) for the win.

[Skills Challenge Full Highlights]

Golden State Warriors' Klay Thompson beat out last year's winner and teammate Steph Curry plus Phoenix Suns' rookie Devin Booker to win the 3-Point Contest.

[3-Point Contest Full Highlights]

After a thrilling duel in the Slam Dunk Contest between Minnesota Timberwolves' Zach LaVine and Orlando Magic's Aaron Gordon, LaVine came away with his 2nd consecutive win.

[Zach LaVine Dunks]

[Aaron Gordon Dunks]

Best dunk of the night!!!

[Will Barton Dunks]

[Andre Drummond Dunks]

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Cool to see a big man win the skills challenge. Steph gets a lot of the attention so happy that Klay won, hopefully the Splash Bros can trade off every other year. Zach is more athletic but Aaron had the best dunk by far. Definitely more entertaining than last year though.


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- Airs the usual time tonight.
- Kanye is the musical guest if anyone gaf anymore.


Sorry I forgot it was back last week guys.

Cassandra Clare denies accusations of plagiarism

Her lawyer: “Tellingly, the lawsuit failed to identify a single instance of actual copying or plagiarism by Cassie … There is little chance of anyone confusing Cassie’s young adult themes and orientation with the sometimes very adult storylines in Ms Kenyon’s books. Indeed, we expect that all of Ms Kenyon’s claims will be dismissed.”

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