Nas ex says Beyonce has the dragon...

Ex of Nas: Three was rapper's big delight

Hell hath no fury like a baby mama scorned.

Nas's ex is raking her acrylics over the rapper and his wife, Kelis, in a new tell-all book, "It's No Secret."

Carmen Bryan says he beat her, cheated on her, cut her child support, and then invited her for a threesome with the "Milkshake" singer, just before they married.

And you think your boyfriend has lousy foreplay.

Not that the self-described "hip-hop Helen of Troy" stayed home watching Oprah when her man was away. She found time to entertain Jay-Z and Allen Iverson while dating Nas.

She claims he beat her "with a closed fist" after finding out about one fling. In turn, she "pulled out my pepper spray from my back pocket and sprayed Nas down like he was some rabid pit bull," when he cheated.

Miz Bryan also claims Kelis doesn't wear deodorant, Jay-Z scrubs his butt in the shower (doesn't everyone?), and Nas once turned down a date with Beyonce because, he said, "to be honest, I can't take her breath."

Originally published on November 26, 2006