Who went home tonight on Big Brother 16???

Nicole Franzel

Victoria Rafaeli

With 4 votes to evict, Nicole was the first to be evicted tonight.

During the HOH competition, Derrick became the HOH in a single round of (WhatTheBleep).

He nominated Victoria and Christine "because that's what the house wanted".

All houseguest got the chance to play in the Veto competition, however Ariana Grande's half-brother won and decided not to use the veto on Derrick's nominees.

So going into the live vote, the nominees were:

Victoria Rafaeli

Christine Brecht

Unfortunately for Christine her allies turned their backs on her. By a vote of 3-0 she finished Big Brother 6th place.

On her way out the door, Christine did not hug any of her fellow houseguests, and got booed as she approached Julie Chen (who then proceeded to shade her a bit during her interview).

By the end of the episode Julie announced the Veto episode and the Live eviction episode being moved to Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

Julie also announced a new twist called BB Rewind. When this gold button is pressed, the nominees are taken off the block and replaced with new nominees followed by another veto competition.

Source: My Eyes + TV

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