Tokio Hotel reveal 'Kings of Suburbia' cover art + new THTV ep

Tokio Hotel announce their new album, "Kings of Suburbia".

Bill Kaulitz himself explained the title of the new album as: “Kings of Suburbia is the feeling that means everything and at the same time nothing at all.” It is a unique, in the moment soundtrack, in which you can find the peak of your own universe, no matter how small or enormous the journey may be.

In year 2005 Tokio Hotel delivered their successful debut.

With their debut album "Schrei" in 2005, Tokio Hotel became the most successful German rock band in 20 years. Their releases have sold more than seven million copies worldwide, and with about 160 gold and 63 platinum in 68 countries and more than 100 national and international awards, Tokio Hotel are an international phenomenon. Never before has a German band received an MTV Video Music Award. Tokio Hotel won Best New Artist, the Japanese MTV Music Award for Best Rock Video, and five European Music Awards.

California became a valuable haven.

The magnitude of their fame was nearly tangible. And so it was, that the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz, at the apex of their careers, flew to California overnight. They fled from the steadily increasing turmoil and came into the anonymity of Los Angeles to peacefulness. A move that should pay off. They could appeal to new impulses and inspirations and mold out of this renewed creativity, a new studio album.

We expect 11 new huge sounding tracks

“Kings of Suburbia” is now the fourth international studio album from Tokio Hotel. It shows how the past flows into the present, space is created for new impressions and ideas, and eventually everything points towards the future. Eleven huge-sounding tracks await us, which illustrate the musical process and development of the band impressively. Every piece of distinctive energy, heartfelt songwriting, and the tight collaboration between twins Bill and Tom makes this album another milestone in their carrier.

KoS comes out on the 3rd of October 2014.

On October 3rd 2014, “Kings of Suburbia” will behold the light of the world here. It will be available for preorder on Amazon and iTunes on September 5th. We should be excited and looking forward to the fresh musical wind that will soon deliver us Tokio Hotel.

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