Liam Payne and Niall Horan talk to Cosmo and sniff each other

...and Liam confesses that his girlfriend buys lingerie for him.

Those One Direction boys are dipping their multi-million pound toes in the beauty world yet again, with the release of their new fragrance You and I on the 1st of September. Hurray for them, but more hurray for us because we got to trot off to New York and chat to them about SMELL.

Harder than you might think, but the fellas actually managed to be fairly charming, funny, and let's face it HOT, when talking about grabbing a few whiffs.

We also learned:

  • Simon Cowell smells of mint

  • Liam's girlfriend buys him lingerie

  • The majestic way Liam had to walk around on tour when he forgot his deodrant (you've gotta see it)