How Zachary Quinto Was Inspired By James Franco

If you’ve been following the Instagram accounts of either Zachary Quinto and James Franco, you know they’ve been having a lot of fun filming the movie Michael , where Quinto plays a former lover of Franco’s character, an anti-gay pastor who was once gay.

During a press call this morning for the filmmaking docu-series The Chair, premiering September 6th on Starz, Quinto spoke of being inspired and challenged as an artist throughout his career, so TheBacklot asked what he learned from working with Franco. Here’s what Quinto had to say:

I just wrapped that film last night, actually. I had a great time working with James. He’s sort of the standard for diversity and diversification in the multi-hyphenate world of actor/producer/artist. We got along really well. We worked really well together. I feel like he’s inspiring in a lot of ways. His fearlessness in terms of what he’s willing to tackle and look at and he’s another one that really looks out for other people and wants to share what he’s learned and how he’s grown, which I respect a lot.

I feel like I was really grateful to be able to work with him in a pretty scaled back capacity. I feel like he’s being pulled in a lot of different directions so it’s nice to be able to show up somewhere where we could actually connect and be quiet and do work that was really rooted emotionally, so that was exciting. I had an incredible time working on that film. I’m really glad I did it and I’m glad it turned out as well as it did in terms of my experience of it. I wish it had gone on a little longer. It was pretty brief, only three weeks in and out.

When we told him that we appreciated all the bromance Instagram pics we saw, Quinto laughed and said, "There was a lot of that, that’s for sure!"