Who went home on the GBBO?


The 31-year-old gave Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood little option but to send him home after an ice cream-based meltdown prompted him to throw his showstopper Baked Alaska in the bin.

Watters - who had actually won over Berry and Hollywood with his signature chocolate, lime and raspberry fondants and placed sixth in the technical tiramisu cake challenge - lost his temper when fellow contestants Diana Beard and Nancy Birtwhistle unthinkingly removed his dish from the freezer, prompting the ice cream to melt in the hot tent.

When Watters discovered the disaster, he furiously threw the whole thing in the bin - as Sue Perkins protested - and walked out of the tent.

By the time Berry and Hollywood came to judge the showstoppers, Watters had calmed down and seemed to regret his decision, saying: "I threw it in the bin because I didn't want to present it. I didn't want them to judge the way it came out - I'd rather present nothing. I'm gutted."

SUCH DRAMA. When Iain saw his ice cream out on the side Diana said 'Why didn't you use your own freezer?' which has kicked up a storm on twitter: