Idris Elba Talks About His (Not) Dick Again on Jimmy Kimmel

You know what the greatest thing about Idris Elba is? Feel free to all shout out ‘everything!’ in unison, but it’s actually that he doesn’t take himself too seriously and he doesn’t mind talking about his junk.

I think if the entire internet saw a photo of me in which it looked like my penis was enormous, I’d respond pretty much like Jon Hamm did, by being like ‘SHUT UP ABOUT MY DICK ALREADY.’ Although if it were me, I might take a few more precautions on set in the future like, oh, I don’t know, wearing another layer of underoos so that thing isn’t moving freely about the cabin, ready to silhouette itself against my pant leg the moment a photographer’s flash goes off.

But we are not all Jon Hamms. Some of us are Idris Elbas, in that when a photo like that comes out we respond to it in a much more jovial manner, that also allows us to keep talking about one of the most coveted undercarriages on the Planet Earth.

Idris already dashed our hopes once by revealing on Twitter that he’s not the anaconda we took him for, a tweet which you can see below nah im not doing extra work

But even after that hilariously self-aware response, Idris still had zero problem with Jimmy Kimmel bringing it up yet again when he was on the show the other night. He sticks with his story about the phallic phantom being a mic wire, which is disappointing, but with the amount of giggling and stuttering involved, you’ll forgive me if I‘m not won’t allow myself to be entirely convinced.

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