What we'll miss about 'Chelsea Lately'


The last episode of "Chelsea Lately" will air on Tuesday night.

In her seven-year run, Handler has made "Lately" the go-to place for fans wanting something a little tarter with their talk-show entertainment. Let Jimmy Fallon have the "nice" aura; Handler is just as soon exasperated with her show, her staff and even her guests as she is tickled.

At this point, who knows what she'll bring to her Netflix program, which -- given the on-demand nature of the service -- will almost certainly have a different format. Nevertheless, there's plenty about "Chelsea Lately" we hope carries over to Handler's next talk-show chapter.

Here are seven (5) things we'll miss in the meantime:
1. She regularly bit the hand that presented her.
Handler laughed and made fun of the same things the rest of us joke about, even when those things -- the Kardashians, Ryan Seacrest -- happened to share a network with her. She didn't care, which was classic Chelsea. Of course, E! probably didn't mind either, because any publicity is good publicity -- even mockery of Seacrest's stature.


2. She was willing to make fun of herself, too.

Handler has been notably open about her louche, if exaggerated, private life. And she encourages needles from guests as well as the comedians who join her for the roundtable to discuss the news.


3. Those strange shower sketches.
It's hard to imagine David Letterman -- or even Stephen Colbert -- being willing to engage in argumentative sketches with the likes of Sandra Bullock and Conan O'Brien while standing naked in a shower. (Judging from the fuzzed-out naughty bits, there's a minimum of special effects involved. Incidentally, nice abs, Conan.) Seems like Handler would be a natural to mount a revival of "Steambath."


5. Well, hello there, guest.
One of Handler's long-running jokes is that she sleeps with almost all her guests, which in the case of 50 Cent probably actually happened. But she was happy to flirt with almost everybody, men and women alike.