Iggy Azalea Blames J.Low For Stage Fall: 'You're Bad Luck!'

Jennifer Lopez may be looking phenomenal these days, but is she the bearer of bad luck?

Iggy Azalea sure thinks so. While walking the Video Music Awards red carpet on Sunday, the "Fancy" rapper told Entertainment Tonight that Jenny from the Block is to blame for her recent stage tumble.

Azalea recalled performing a show in Chicago with J.Lo when her microphone wasn't turned on. "I said, 'at least I didn’t fall over,' and she said 'It'll happen to you one day,'" Iggy recalled. "And then I invited her to watch that show and I fell off the stage! I was like, 'You’re bad luck!'"

Iggy was on her game for her VMA performance of "Black Widow," even with Lopez taking the stage to introduce the performance.

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