Lana Del Rey looks gorgeous in bright blue dress

Aside from her music, Lana Del Rey is known for her incredible palette of make-up. But on Friday the singer went bare-faced for a change - and looked stunning in the process. The 29-year-old's lovely and natural features were put on full display as she arrived to LAX on Friday, likely jetting off to France for a Sunday show in Saint-Cloud.

In an interview with Fashion Magazine, Lana opened up about her about ex-fiance Barrie James O'Neill: 'It’s been a tenuous and tumultuous three years … It was very rewarding, but very difficult. 'Trying to get consistency and normality within the dynamic of that relationship has been impossible. He’s unwell and I’m unwell in some ways, and psychologically we’ve been through a lot together.'

It was reported that Barrie had proposed to Lana on her birthday in June 2013, though the singer ended the relationship a year later.

In July, Lana opened up to Rolling Stone about how romance can inspire her creativity. 'It's been beautiful...But it's been confusing, because when that's your prerogative, things don't end in a traditional way. You don't have that traditional relationship where maybe you go out with couples at night, or you do normal things.

She added: 'It's more of an extension of the creative process. There's high-impact events that happen, or big adventures, or big fallouts. So it's inspiring, and it's not grounding, but it's what I need to keep going.'

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