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AQUARIUS  10 / 7 / 14

Tinashe announces that her debut album "Aquarius" arrives in October.

After a few strong mixtapes and a buzzing single "2 On" (remixed by Drakeand OB OBrien), rising singer Tinashe is finally prepared to announce a release date for her debut album Aquarius.

The West Coast native dropped off a new trailer for her album today which also happens to reveal the release date. In the somewhat creepy trailer, Tinashe has body paint on her face and back and gets into a bathtub with fish. What does it all mean? Hopefully we'll understand more as we lead up to the album, which drops October 17th.

Directed/edited by Tinashe
Music by Tinashe


With her single “2 On” rising up the charts, Tinashe celebrated with a trip to Las Vegas on Thursday. The L.A. singer took over the grand cabana at TAO Beach for a daytimepool party with her pals. Later in the evening, she changed into a yellow dress and camouflage jacket before dining on wasabi-crusted filet mignon at TAO Asian Bistro.

While on the red carpet, she revealed that her debut album Aquarius will be dropping in October featuring A$AP Rocky and Future.

Following dinner, she made her way upstairs to TAO Nightclub where she hosted “Worship Thursdays” and hit the stage to perform “2 On,” which is currently No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100. After dancing the night away in VIP, she joined DJ Five in the booth at 2 a.m. for an impromptu encore performance.

“Vegas!! Celebrating my 4th consecutive week #1 at rhythmradio,” tweeted Tinashe.


It's a rare occasion that an album interlude gets enough traction that the artist decides to release an extended version of the track as a standalone. It happened with Rihanna's "Cake" (given the single treatment with Chris Brown), and now it's happened with DJ Mustard's "Tinashe Checks In."

The original two-minute version of "Tinashe" can be found on Mustard's new LP 10 Summers, which was released for free download yesterday via Google Play before its official release on iTunes this morning.

Is this extended mix better than the original or does the extra minute actually hurt the track? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

A day after Tinashe made a special appearance on DJ Mustard’s 10 Summers, the 21-year-old singer has released a track of her own, called “In the Meantime,” which is probably a little treat to hold us off until her album drops sometime in September.

A follow-up to her successful single “2 On,” which was remixed by Drake, “In the Meantime” was produced by T-Minus, who injected a haunting, bass-heavy beat. The thumping bass accompanies Tinashe’s sexy and mesmerizing call for a guy who can keep her occupied until she finds a new man.

“Late night, late night, ay/ Late night on a weekday/ Ridin’ ’round town smokin’ now with my windows down, ho,” she sings on the hook, and you can almost imagine smoke coming from her mouth as she delivers those lyrics.

Whether “In the Meantime” makes it to her upcoming solo debut Aquarius or not, the captivating songtress told MTV back in May that she had recorded more than 100 tracks for the project.

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