Paris Hilton Responds To Notorious Dickhe4d

The fact that pulchritudinous entrepreneur Paris Hilton is currently having a Good Time making millions of dollars as a hugely successful DJ in Ibiza this summer has caused a certain often-bitter someone to spit some venom at her. While a plethora of well accomplished DJ's are unbothered by Paris' efforts to live her life and spread her vibes of positivity, this particular insecure rodent felt the need to unnecessarily hate and make some low brow digs. Sure, Paris isn't a technical DJ master, but has she ever claimed to be? She has always been open and upfront that DJing is part of her business, and it's a golden opportunity. If you had a chance to make $2million for DJing at the biggest club on an iconic party island, wouldn't you do it? Regardless, Paris had a simple message for her hater..