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G.R.L. has been in the studio recording songs for the album, infusing their catchy, bright dance-pop with sassy, vivacious attitude. “A lot of the songs are about keeping a positive outlook and having fun,” Natasha Slayton says. “To me, they represent having the ability to be confident in who you are no matter the situation. Whether the songs deal with emotions, love interests, or friendships — they all have an uplifting theme.”

The roots of G.R.L. lie with dancer, choreographer, and Pussycat Dolls creative director Robin Antin, who was looking to work with highly talented singers and dancers for a new group. She had already selected Lauren Bennett and the rest of G.R.L. came together organically over the last two years. “We didn't stop searching until we found the right girls,” Lauren says. “The chemistry between these five girls is perfect. We have a really solid bond. We absolutely love, respect, and inspire each other.”


whatever, as long as they release "Show Me What You Got" as the 2nd single then I don't care if you're benefitting from payola