Silicon Valley Pride feat. Cazwell, Raven, Kristine W, Deepa Soul, and others

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The beautiful #raven @ #svpride

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The singer Desi who I just found out about from the photos of the Mercury article that has been retroactively deleted.

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Deepa Soul and the ASL interpreter is hella getting into it.

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Kristine W rocking it.

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I ran into this fabulous queen Tequila Mockingbird, who mentioned being something of a name in the Tokyo drag scene but I have so far found nothing to confirm or deny it. I just had to share the outfit she had on, because it's just the right amount of OTT for a Pride event.

Here's some LGBTQ folks to stan! (Buy "FEVA" on iTunes now!), etc. Except maybe Kristine W, having taken a peek at her Twitter she may not be, but she's something of an icon in dance music anyway.

And did any of my fellow South Bay ONTDers make it out?

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