Harry Styles turned down a Weinstein movie starring Cara Delevigne

He's pretty much the most in demand person on the planet.

So it's not a massive surprise that Harry Styles was offered a role in a major Hollywood film... although it is a *little* surprising that he turned it down!

Movie boss Harvey Weinstein - who basically owns the film industry - has revealed that he wanted the One Direction star to have a part in new project Tulip Fever but he said no.


Although Hazza reportedly turned down the role because of the band's touring commitments, we reckon it could have had something to do with who he would have been starring opposite.

According to Harvey, Harry would have been locking lips with a certain Miss Cara Delevingne in the film... which might have been *slightly* awks given their past history.

Harvey told MailOnline: "I offered Harry a role in Tulip Fever but he was touring so he had to turn it down.

"The part ended up going to Matthew Morrison and let me tell you this, the very first scene he shot was one of him kissing Cara Delevingne."

He added: "So I'm sure Harry won't be turning be down the next role I offer him."

Although we're pretty upset that we won't be seeing the Hazzanator in the new movie, which also stars Judi Dench and Christoph Waltz, there is hope, people!

Harvey reckons that Harry has MAJOR star quality and that he has a glittering film career ahead of him - whoop!

He said: "He's like Errol Flynn, he's got that swashbuckling charm. Definite star potential. I think he'd be great. No question."

Next stop Hollywood, eh, Haz!