Outside Lands: Kanye, Kim Kardashian, Macklemore and Everything Else You Missed


There are plenty of reasons why you might decide not to attend Outside Lands. Agoraphobia, a malnourished checking account, a distaste for frostbite, etc. If you didn't make it out to Golden Gate Park this weekend for whatever reason, don't sweat it; here's what you missed.

- Kanye West wore a weird mask and stopped mid-song several times to rant about his haters and teach the audience how to mosh. "This ain't no concierge, maitre'd music," he reminded the crowd. Despite the hopes and dreams of many, Jay Z and Beyonce did not stick around San Francisco to make a cameo. But Kim Kardashian made an appearance. We were hoping for Khloe, but this will do.

- Big Freedia. Bounce Music. Beignet Brunch. Whoever thought up this alliterative daydream deserves the key to the city or something. Just watch.

- Judging by the huge crowd that chose Macklemore's set over Tom Petty's, it appears as though he's here to stay. It's hard to decide if that's a good thing or not cause, for every stupid thing he does (coming out in a mariachi costume), he pulls a nice gesture to equal things out (giving the stage to a woman who proposed to her girlfriend).

- Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips wore a muscle bodysuit with tinsel hanging off his crotch and was surrounded by people dressed like a rainbow, a mushroom, and a jolly sun. He then got into his trademark bubble and rolled around the crowd. Acid trip or concert?

- Something you didn't miss out on: Chvrches. Only half the band made it out of Vancouver. Really, Canada? First Justin Bieber, now this?


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