Ayoade Adoration Association™ Post XIII

Almost everyone from The IT Crowd and the previous film you directed, Submarine, are in your latest film The Double, with one notable exception – yourself. Why?
Oh because I wouldn’t feel that I couldn’t find an actor who’s more interesting than me to be in it.

If you don’t like watching yourself act, do you prefer to watch yourself direct?
Well you can’t unless you watch ‘making-of’ footage.

I mean do you prefer watching a film you’ve directed?
Oh right. Once you’ve finished making it you wouldn’t watch it any more. That would be pretty odd. Not because I’m ashamed of it. By the end you’re watching the film twice a day for a week and you just know it.

If it came on TV would you watch or turn over?
I don’t think I’d keep watching it, no not really, no.
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You've said you get nervous acting. How is it when you're directing?
“It’s not the same as being in the spotlight performing live – that’s probably the highest form of tension possible. Whereas in a filmed situation the highest level of tension is just having one line to deliver on a crowded set, that’s like a really tense ‘taking a penalty’ type situation.”

What did you learn from making music videos that helped you on Submarine and The Double?
“The main thing that came out of music videos was that I met Eric Wilson, who shot those two films, doing Arctic Monkeys at the Apollo. And meeting Alex and the band lead to him doing the songs for Submarine. A lot of the videos I made didn’t have the band in, or they didn’t want to be in them, so I got to do a story without dialogue, which was great training for me visually.”

Any plans to work with Alex and the guys again in the future?
“He’s in LA, I’m in London…”
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