Soon, the band returns! + The return of THTV

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Bill Kaulitz at the Hairdresser
© instagram/billkaulitz

In January, Tokio Hotel announced that there would appear a new album by the band this year. Now it could not last much longer, because via Instagram announces singer Bill Kaulitz, 24, even a new video!

"Hair day - get ready for the first video shoot," he writes to a snapshot that shows him at the barber and Bill also reveals the same in the hashtags that he can bleach fresh!
Approach treatment?
Still can not marvel at the result. Maybe Bill wanted to re-dyeing only the approach? Three weeks ago saw the Leipzig-born namely still so*:

It is not known when you can hear the first single. We'll keep you posted!

Also and not part of the article, THTV official season announcement video is released on the Tokio Hotel youtube channel:

Source: Google Translate, Article, the tokio hotel youtube channel

*Idk if the translation is off, but Bill was posting a #TBT picture of himself from 2013 there with the long hair, it's not a new picture.