Keke Palmer Stuns In Bombshell Magazine

Keke Palmer has transformed from an adorable child star into a beautiful young woman before our very eyes. The “Just Keke” star appears on the latest cover of Bombshell and she looks amazing. Inside, she dishes on how she avoided becoming a tabloid favorite and controlling what she puts out on social media. Check out some highlights from her interview below.

On transitioning from child star without any scandal:

“I’ve always wanted to remain who I was, and show my growth in my roles. I’ve grown up in these roles, and people have finally been able to see the growth in me as an actress.” (lol)

On her success and what she puts out on social media:

“I’m here because I believed that I can be here, and if you believe you can be there doing whatever it is you want to do, then you can be there too, but you just have to believe.”


it's good she's still getting work and making moves tbh...i just wish she would turn down a bit