Katie Holmes is READY for 'Dawson's Creek' reunion! Plus, what she thinks of Taylor Swift!!


In a brand new interview with Jenny Hutt on Sirius XM’s ‘Just Jenny’, Katie Holmes (“The Giver”) talked Taylor Swift, a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and possibly playing ‘Wonder Woman’!Holmes, who stars alongside Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift in her latest big screen challenge revealed lots of juicy tidbits!

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On her dream role … WONDER-WOMAN! “I wanna be Wonder Woman! That’s who I wanna be! I might need a tramp stamp!”

On a Dawson’s Creek reunion : “You know I don’t know because when we did our last finale it was 5 years ahead and we lost Jen Linley So I don’t know I don’t know what the story would be. However…If everyone else was doing it … yeah for sure I mean we had a really good time! I love everyone, so yeah!”

On acting with Taylor Swift : “I’m a fan of Taylors she’s such a brilliant songwriter and singer and a wonderful actress. I did get to spend some time with her on this movie She’s just lovely and she’s very wise…very very wise!” But did Katie jam with Taylor on set? “Well, apparently there were these jam sessions and I wasn’t involved maybe they knew I didn’t have an instrument that I bring to the table!”

On Meryl Streep getting her nervous : “Well, It was very, very exciting to get this role and I have met Meryl before and this was obviously the first time I’ve ever worked with her and just really exciting! Yeah, I was nervous but she’s so lovely and generous, sweet and funny and professional and she just makes everyone feel very good so you’re immediately at ease and she’s just lovely!”

On who she wants to work with : “Meryl Streep again! Were briefly in this movie together… I mean, i would … She’s amazing!”

SOURCE and AUDIO http://jenniferhutt.com/2014/08/06/katie-holmes-on-playing-wonder-woman-hanging-with-taylor-swift-and-a-dawsons-creek-reunion/

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