Hayley Atwell Previews Agent Carter's 'Intense' 8-Episode Adventure

With a freshman run spanning just eight episodes, ABC’s Marvel’s Agent Carter stands to deliver a “contained, intense adventure” for its title character.

British actress Hayley Atwell promised as much during her visit to TVLine’s Comic-Con suite, where she also surveyed the rigorous physical, combat and stunt training ahead for her (ahead of the series’ September production start).

Having previously played Peggy in two Captain America films as well as the Marvel One-Shot featurette packed into Iron Man 3 Blu-ray sets, Atwell also reveals why Agent Carter is a “dream project” and shared what she loves most about the circa-1940s, Howard Stark-appointed S.H.I.E.L.D. bigwig.

Marvel’s Agent Carter is due to premiere at midseason, spanning Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’.s winter hiatus.


-Positive fan reaction to her one-shot was the biggest reason the show got the go-ahead
-Her "delirious" reaction when the series was greenlit
-She wants to do as much of her own fight scenes and stunts as "is legal"
-Her favorite part of Peggy is the one "audiences have yet to see"
-Her dress is adorable