Rookie Blue 5x11 Trailer (Finale) & Interview

5x11 Everlasting: In the Season 5 finale, the officers of 15 Division work to track down Ted McDonald (the car-bomber from Ep. 510).But even after catching him, they realize Ted has more targets set to explode out there. The clock is ticking… → AIRS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6

2nd Mini-Promo:

This is probably a huge mislead, but still WTF?

Interview with Matt Gordon & Charlotte Sullivan:


Only one episode left. Any thoughts on S5 so far, ONTD?
Or any guesses for the finale? Like, will Sam acknowledge Marlo exists now that she's back? Will Chris be back from rehab and does anyone still care about him and his storyline? Will Tracy have more than 3 lines? Will Andy and Sam make it through one episode without drama? Will anyone actually die? Will we ever see Frank and Noelle again?