‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Donates Money To The IDF To Get Israeli Soldiers Bulletproof Vests

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Joining a group of other celebrities who are weighing in on the Israel-Gaza conflict, “Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik announced she was showing her support for Israel’s actions by donating money to the Israel Defense Force.

Bialik said her donation would go directly to purchasing and supplying “bulletproof vests to the IDF.”

Bialik further clarified her need to get involved, writing out the reasons for her monetary donation:
"I need to feel like I’m doing something. No matter what your politics are, soldiers sent into war zones deserve to be protected from enemy fire. Every soldier is someone’s son or daughter. Every single one."

While Bialik’s actions clearly show her support for Israel, other stars have criticized the country for its aggression in Gaza, which has so far caused a massive number of civilian casualties.


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