Marlon Wayans makes fun of Delta Goodrem's dancing

Delta Goodrem’s “UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN” dancing has become a viral sensation after American comedian Marlon Wayans inadvertently snapped a picture of her awkward gyrations at a Beyonce and Jay Z concert.

His Instagram post has attracted over 24 thousand likes and flooded Facebook this morning – although not everyone was laughing.

Following criticism from angry Delta fans, the star of the 2004 comedy White Chicks issued a non-apology on Twitter. “Let me start by saying suck it long, hard and til y’all mouths hurt to all these sensitive ass people,” Wayans wrote. “Secondly, I ain’t apologizing for a joke. Third… She still can’t dance. Now go correct someone who is correctable and actually gives a fuck. Peace.

Delta responded by posting a video of “The Elaine Dance” from Seinfeld:

(For non-Australian ontders, Delta Goodrem used to be on the Australian soap Neighbours, had a big album in 2003, dated Brian McFadden for a bit, was a coach on the Australian version of the Voice etc etc. First post, so apologies if I mess it up.)

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