Director Dave Meyers comments on the cancelled Outrageous video + New Britney interview

After a fan contacted him on Facebook about the cancelled Outrageous video, its director had this to say about it:

"I asked snoop to be in the video. It was an extra cost for the studio that they didn't want to pay, but Britney loved the idea. The inclusion was simple in that snoop was the "dog father" and we were doing Britney as a version of "cat woman". There was no version with him rapping on the song. NO Halle (Berry) was never meant to be in the video. Britney not doing cat woman as seen in the movie, but channeling the essence of that character. There was only two scenes filmed, the snoop one, and the beginning of a dance that she hurt herself on in take one. And the video died at that moment. The script I don't recall fully but it centered around Britney prowling the streets of New York as an interpretation of Catwoman, Britney style."

The video could not be finished as a result of Brit sustaining a knee injury during the shoot

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