Sebastian Stan is back in the gym just working on his fitness

@imsebastianstan @thinyc and @bigz for today's workout. I'm 6'1 by the way. Back Bent over row 5x6 -Reverse grip pull down 4x10 -Inverted row 5x12 -Db row 4x10 -straight arm pull down 1x20 #donsaladino #drive495 #getripped #fitness #cosmobody

Billy Crudup and I Joking around before our training session yesterday. Been training him for 5 years and Man! That boy can work! I told him the beard looks sexy also.

Dan Stevens Made a complete body transformation within the last 2 years. On top of that he is an amazing guy. @thatdanstevens

TBT! Helping @thehughjackman get ready for Wolverine and Australia years ago. Love this guy to death. One of the greatest.