K-pop group releases video called "Happiness" featuring racial slurs and 9/11 references

SM Entertainment debuted a new K-Pop girl group today called Red Velvet and they're already making a splash - in a very bad way.

Fans noticed shortly after the release of their new music video for their lead single, "Happiness," that the video was full of references to the droppings of atomic bombs on Japanese cities Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The video features extreme racial slurs for the Japanese people.

Eagle-eyed netizens also noticed possible references to the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York City in the video. One of the members holds a toy plane while towers in the background seem to be exploding. The images are allegedly straight from video of the attacks on that day:

Some suggest that this is being done, not to create controversy, but to stir up positive feelings among the nationalistic public in Korea. AsianJunkie, a K-Pop blogger, wrote, "it should help them with their domestic audience," and "I’m sure they’ll get a lot of support in Korea for making their nationalistic views known. Let’s be honest, pandering to that crowd in Asian countries usually works out well, and they should’ve gone all out and just used Dokdo and Baekdu as well."

this is BEYOND trigger, I just can't with these Red Velveeta hos

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