The Future Becomes The Past For Ciara

Apparently, rapper Future is cheating on his stunning fiancee (and latest baby mama) Ciara... with his personal assistant! Tyrina Lee is the

Honest emcee's go-to stylist - but does Future rely on her for even more "intimate" needs ?

Fans initially became suspicious, because it looks like CiCi's beau spends more time with this "side chick" than he does with his young son and soon-to-be wife!

The alleged side chick in question:

The two recently enjoyed a tropical beach getaway together in mid-July. Was it a work-related trip? Maybe...

(OP note: Her IG and Twitter account are disabled...her twitter handle was ImGorJess)

Ciara just gave birth to baby Future Zahir Wilburn on May 19.

If Future is indeed "creeping" behind the "Body Party" beauty's back, Twitter fans are not amused... or even surprised:

@beezythegod: "Ciara played herself, future got like 47 kids already and put one off in her before marriage she shoulda known buddy was a rolling stone."

@MzCuteCupcakes: "Future might be cheating on Ciara blah blah blah...aint surprised, he's famous and he's a rapper lol #WhatYallExpect."

@OGNopeDawg: "Even if Ciara and Future really separated, they'd still have a Future together..."

@TheJustinDuncan: "Ciara and Future broke up. Jay and Yonce are about to. All those Twitter 'relationship goals' are imploding."

@iKryse: "The fact that future's album sold 53k & he has urban HITS after HITS & FEATURES.. & Ciara sold 59k with ONE HIT... Shows, she didn't need him."

@Ivan_splash: "Rihanna and Drake split, Bey and HOV splitting, Future and Ciara done... if Kanye and Kim don't last then there's no hope for marriage."

The popular hip-hop couple has yet to confirm (or deny) such break-up rumors.

We all obviously saw this coming from a mile away...

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