Jessie J Talks "Empowering" Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande Tune

Star explains how their collaboration came about, revealing she is "excited" to meet the pair...

Following the premiere of her Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande collaboration Bang Bang, Jessie J has been busy explaining how the track came about.

The song - which has already soared to the top of the US iTunes chart - got its first play on Capital FM yesterday (July 29), with Jessie on hand to express her excitement over working with Minaj and Ari.

Miss J stated: "I'm so excited to meet them and hang out and get to perform it. I got played the song, loved the song, recorded the song. "And then (my producer) was like, Ariana wants to do a verse. And obviously she's amazing. And then Nicki heard it and was like, 'Let me jump on it!'."

She added: "It was like a real females, come together, empowering, supportive (vibe), and then Nicki jumping on it was like the icing on the cake."

Bang Bang is the first cut to be taken from Jessie's upcoming album, with fans available to by the tune in the UK from September 29.


This song is horrible and lbr no1 wants to be associated with or be featured in a J-String song. I wonder how much they paid Ari and Nicki.
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