Who went home on SYTYCD & which All-Stars will be back?

Sent home:
Emily, Serge, Teddy, & Carly

Jenna Johnson - Season 10 (Partnering with Rudy)
Chehon Wespi-Tschopp - Season 9 (Partnering with Jacque)
Amy Yakima - Season 10 (Partnering with Zack)
Brandon Bryant - Season 5 (Partnering with Bridget)
Lauren Froderman - Season 7 (Partnering with Ricky)
Ryan (Di Lello maybe? - someone correct me if I'm wrong) (Partnering with Tanisha)
Ade Obayomi - Season 5 (Partnering with Valerie)
Jasmine Harper - Season 10 (Partnering with Emilio)
Kathryn McCormick - Season 6 (Partnering with Casey)
Twitch - Season 4 (Partnering with Jessica)

Who are you guys most excited to see back? Chehon, Ade, Lauren, & Kathryn for me!