Beyonce‘s blazing HBO mini-series ‘Beyonce x10′ continues, with ‘Blow’ serving as the latest performance aired.

As reported, the concept of the project sees one of ten new King B performances (from her ‘Mrs Carter Show World Tour’) screened in the minutes preceding each new episode of the network’s top show ‘True Blood’.

Watch Bey in action below… (Embedding turned off)
Still can't see it? Youtube search: "Beyonce X10 Blow" and filter it down to "this week"
Superb editing for a superb performance. Beyonce really is the industry’s most electrifying force.

Source: TGJ
Aaah, It Must Be Good To Ya.
Always liked that part, reminds me of CA's Arrgh! Librase, Arrgh! Ahora, Aargh! Desnudate