Inside Shia LaBeouf's Shopping Cart


Shia LaBeouf has offered fans a closer glimpse into his life—or at least, his shopping cart (basically the same thing, right?).

The actor was snapped by paparazzi leaving Gelson's in Los Angeles on Sunday with girlfriend Mia Goth, and instantly we learned two things about the star: he's not afraid to indulge in carbs and sugar, and he prefers to use grocery bags as headwear as opposed to their original purpose—bagging groceries.

After taking a closer look at the items in the cart, we learned that LaBeouf likes to sip on some thirst-quenching Capri Sun in Hawaiian Punch flavor and snack on goodies like Pirate's Booty, Snackwell's cookies, chips and maybe Wheat Thins.

He also loves bread. No, but really. We spotted at least four loaves of Nature's Own bread. Additionally, there seems to be some pre-shredded cheese and tortillas (quesadillas, anyone?) and pretzels.

What's in your shopping cart, ONTD?