Forever Young Celebs (And Their Anti-Aging Secrets)

It's probably no secret that black, white, yellow, orange and purple don't crack. We've all encountered someone at one time or another who has made us seriously contemplate if he or she has a case of Benjamin Button disease. Or maybe he or she just has access to some damn good pills and potions.

Whatever the situation, they've got to be holding onto some ancient Chinese secret that's kept them looking like the same 20-year-old for 20 years straight. Flip through to find 18 6 forever-young celebs (op: 12 more at the source) who've made us scratch our heads at their ageless features. You’ll also find some very educated guesses about their age-defying secrets.

Gabrielle Union
Age: 41
Age Defying Secret: Hydration is key. In an interview with, Gabrielle Union explained that she drinks twice the recommended amount of water per day, which comes to a full gallon. “It keeps my skin, hair and nails healthy and keeps my metabolism revved.” In the words of the most interesting man alive, “stay thirsty, my friends.”

Phylicia Rashad
Age: 66
Age-Defying Secret: If you have any sense of what good television looks like, you’ve seen The Cosby Show. (If you haven’t, shame on you). Clair Huxtable, played by Phylicia Rashad, was known for her sassy, but composed quips and her no-nonsense attitude wrapped up in a classy, graceful demeanor. She was someone you could learn a lot from. And clearly this air of knowingness is a part of Phylicia as well, because it’s obvious that she knows a thing a two about staying young and doing so with the utmost grace. Her secret: when you got it, you just got it.

Bianca Lawson
Age: 35
Age-Defying Secret: Bianca Lawson has been playing a highschooler for over two decades now. From Saved by the Bell to Sister, Sister, The Steve Harvey Show and most recently Pretty Little Liars, it seems as if Bianca doesn’t want to let go of her adolescence. That’s gotta be her secret. You are what you profess, and as an eternal teen on screen, she’ll probably forever appear to be a young'n off screen.

Tyson Beckford
Age-Defying Secret: It seems as if added years have equated to added sexiness for supermodel Tyson Beckford. Twenty-two years after he was first recruited to model in The Source, Beckford hasn’t aged a bit. He attributes healthy eating (staying away from sugars, red meats and alcohol, and restricting himself to mostly seafood and vegetables), 600 sit-ups, and 200 to 1000 push-ups daily to keeping his model physique in tact. It should come as no surprise, then, that he’s been able to defy the laws of aging.

Lucy Liu
Age-Defying Secret: Whether fighting bad guys in Charlie’s Angels or competing in possibly the dopest battle of baddies ever recorded, in Kill Bill, Lucy Liu has proven that she's a true badass. She carries this no-bull persona with her as she practices Pilates, and as she diets, both of which she attributes to helping her stay young.

Jennifer Lopez
Age Defying Secret: The Boricua baddie is still Jenny from the block, and we’re convinced that this sense of self has helped her in the long run. Hollywood can be a hot mess filled with stress, which can age anybody. Maybe J. Lo’s eternal connection to her Bronx background has kept her young at heart, which permeates throughout her bangin' body and silky smooth skin.

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