Teen Wolf 4x07 "Weaponized" Promo + Recap Post

Teen Wolf season 4, episode 6, “Orphaned,” has just finished airing. Our recap explains everything that went down in Beacon Hills this week.

Teen Wolf season 4, episode 6, titled “Orphaned,” begins with Kate playing a tape in her car that talked about the Hale family and their practice of calming young werewolves in order to teach them control. Kate later asks some of the Benefactor’s assassins who their boss is, but they can’t tell her.

It’s back at the school and after the game in the previous episode. Garrett has gone missing, but Violet is arrested. When he sees her weapon of choice, Agent McCall realizes she and her boyfriend are the serial killers called The Orphans.

At Deaton’s office, Derek and Stiles are trying to hold down Brett as he’s reacting to the wolfsbane in his system. When the teenager escapes their grasp, Peter shows up and knocks him out, seeming stronger than he was before. Derek, meanwhile, appears to be much weaker and takes some extra time to heal from a scratch.

Deaton successfully purges Brett’s system of the wolfsbane, and the kid is heard muttering the words, “The sun, the moon, the truth.” Derek realizes that it’s the motto of Satomi’s pack — the werewolf Kira’s mother met while in the Japanese internment camps in California during WWII.

Scott finds lots of money in a bag in Brett’s locker, but doesn’t tell anyone about it. Back at his house, their power is off because Melissa is three months behind on their payment. Scott’s thinking about keeping the cash in order to bail them out, but it’s obvious he’s feeling guilty even entertaining that idea.

Derek gets Malia’s attention, hoping she’ll be able to find Liam out in the woods if he teaches her some tricks. Meanwhile, Lydia and Stiles talk to Parrish and tell him he’s on the Dead Pool. He’s more than a little confused as to why.

Scott meets Garrett in secret because he’s holding Liam hostage. Garrett wants his money back, along with his girlfriend. He tells Scott he has to hijack the police car that’s transferring her to prison. Liam is trapped in a well, poisoned with wolfsbane, and Garrett will only tell Scott where his Beta is once Violet is safe.

Parrish takes Lydia and Stiles to Eichen House to talk to Meredith. Brunski is not too happy about it, but after Parrish subtly blackmails him, he’s more than happy to hand over the keys to her room.

Scott and Garrett stumble upon the car Violet is being transferred in, but it’s already overturned. The berzerkers have already attacked it. One of them kills Garrett, and the other knocks out Scott.

The Benefactor doesn’t want Meredith to tell Stiles and Lydia the last cypher key. Chris returns to help Scott, and they all realize Kate has Violet. The big question here is whether or not Chris will be able to take out his own sister.

In a flashback, we see Scott trying to teach Liam to control his anger, which has always been a problem for him. Back in the present, Liam continues to try to escape the well.

Meredith refuses to give up any more information about the Benefactor and screams, causing Lydia’s ears to bleed. Back in the forest, Satomi’s pack is dead and Braeden is barely hanging on. In a warehouse across town, Chris and Kate go head to head.

Things are not going well for our heroes.

Violet is dead, and Scott is afraid he won’t be able to find Liam. Kate saves Chris from the berzerkers and calls them off, and we have to wonder what her boundaries are. She’s obviously not opposed to violence, but she also doesn’t want her brother dead. From the well, Liam screams and Scott hears it, allowing him to save his Beta.

Stiles figures out that the last person must be someone that isn’t dead yet, but will be. Lydia closes her eyes and types in a name. Derek is the last cypher, and both Liam and Meredith are on the final list, along with several other names.

But it’s already too late for Meredith. Parrish tells Lydia that she hanged herself in her room.

Scott says he’s tired of watching people die, and is determined to save everyone. He and Stiles dump out the bag of money and find a tape. Could this give them a clue as to who the Benefactor is?

In the sewers, Peter shows up and has a proposition for Kate. Kate wants her family back, but she can’t return if she’s not in control of her abilities. Peter offers to teach her, and in return he wants money and power. (No surprise there.)

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