"You missed a spot." Paris Hilton's Carls Jr. Return! + Jeremy Jackson Keeps Being a PSYCHO.

Nine years after starring in her iconic "I Love Paris" Carl's Jr. commercial, pulchritudinous superstar Paris Hilton is once again teaming up with the fast food chain for a sizzling new ad.

In the recently released clip titled "I Love Texas," Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson washes a filthy car in a barn while wearing a tiny barely there black bikini that shows off her cleavage and hot body. Ferguson bites into a juicy burger while rolling around on top of the car soaking wet.

Hilton then walks up in a slinky black monokini and says, "You missed a spot." The super-hot ladies then share a sexy stare while posing together on the car.

Paris' original iconic commercial

Paris and Jeremy Jackson have both opened up about the recent incident at Paris' Malibu mansion.

Earlier this month, a fight broke out at a Malibu house party, thrown by Paris Hilton, between Paris' brother and former Baywatch actor Jeremy Jackson. In the end, Jackson and his friends left, but not before the actor got bloodied up.

At the time, the stories about what happened that night conflicted wildly, with Paris claiming that Jackson showed up uninvited and went ballistic after being asked to leave. The police were called, but no charges were pressed.

Now, Jackson is sitting down with ET's Brooke Anderson to explain his side of the story, and recount the events leading up to the confrontation. The 33-year-old actor gives step-by-step details of evening's bloody brawl, which apparently included headlocks, chest kicking, and a bottle of vodka to the face!

"As soon as [my friend] let me go, somebody hit me over the face with a vodka bottle...At this point, I still have my hands in the air, my back is against the door…No matter what [they] do I'm not going to freak out…And then I'm outside…[and] some nameless friend, Barron [Hilton's] buddy, runs outside, kicks me in the chest... I fall back, slam against a Ferrari that's parked outside," he says.

Jackson goes on to say what he believes Paris Hilton was doing while he was allegedly being attacked stating, "[Paris] was in the gaggle of the geese that were being mean to me. That were squawking at me, putting me down, verbally attacking me, shaming me."

Paris Hilton was with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she talked about the bizarre night that “Celebrity Rehab” star Jeremy Jackson reportedly crashed her Malibu beach house and got into an altercation with Paris’ brother Barron, which left her younger sibling hospitalized.

Hilton explained, “We're home chilling and all of a sudden some random dude walks in, busts in and we're like, ‘We don't know you. Can you please leave?’ He would not leave. He got very aggressive, started attacking everybody… it was actually really scary. I've had so many stalkers and intruders, so when this happened I was very freaked out.”

Paris is keeping busy, releasing her new single. “‘Come Alive’ is a song I wrote all about love, about how it’s such a magical feeling. It makes you come to life.”

Her next single, “High Off My Love,” is also about love and a dance track. “The music video really inspired by Madonna’s ‘Justify My Love,’ so it’s a very sex video.” Her full album will be out at the end of the year.

Hilton is currently touring around the world as a DJ, and this weekend she’s heading to Ibiza for a month. “It’s my second year being a resident DJ at Amnesia, which is the biggest best club in Ibiza.”

As for staying in shape with all her traveling, Paris said, “I love Pilates. That’s something I really love, and I love doing outdoor activities. I go hiking, bike riding, surfing. I go skiing when I’m in the snow.”

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