Viral "indie" star Ryn Weaver is actually signed to a subsidiary of Interscope

You may recall these two earlier posts (1 & 2) about the unknown Ryn Weaver, whose song "OctoHate" was instantly dubbed "this summer's best song" by BuzzFeed. "OctoHate" has gone on to get over a million plays on SoundCloud, and her friends Jessie Ware, Hayley Williams, and How To Dress Well have all Tweeted about her song. Immediately as her song started to go viral, Ryn took to the comments section of a Stereogum article about "OctoHate," responding to a commenter who was questioning her indie cred:

Ryn reiterates that she is totally "indie" and isn't backed by "major label money," but according to her mother, that isn't the case at all:

This is her viral hit "OctoHate." Interscope seems to be going the "indie" route again in order to break her onto the music scene, just like they did with Lana Del Rey.

SOURCES: her Stereogum comment + her mom's Facebook post