'Witches of East End' is insane.

Wow, now that’s what we’re talking about! “Witches of East End” proved just how dark and sexy it can be with the airing of episode 4, “Brother’s Grimoire.” Don’t believe us? Just check out the recap of tonight’s episode – it might just blow your mind! (Hint, hint)
Episode 4 began with Aunt Wendy and Tommy’s picnic-in-the-park date. But soon their afternoon in the sun took a gloomy turn when a pesky rodent scurried its way onto the EMT’s shoulder. Wendy used her cat-like reflexes to grab the rat and toss in back into the woods. But not before digging her nails into the creature. This would be one of the many terrible dates the two would go on during episode 4.
Turns out the date-ruining rat transformed into a woman named Isis. She’s one of Victor’s kidnappers along with a handsome young fellow (who has a wound-healing tongue) named Ivar. The mysterious duo has been torturing the warlock in their basement lair in hopes of finding the key to Asgard. But Victor, however, has refused to assist them despite the pain.
His plan to keep Ingrid safe is foiled when Joanna answers his “late flight” text with a response teasing how excited Frederick is to see him. This gives the vicious-duo an upper hand and no use for Victor. Isis digs her knife deeper into his abdomen.
But Victor isn’t the only one suffering in episode 4. During a scene with Dash and Killian we find out just why tonight’s episode is titled “Brothers Grimoire.” According to Killian, Grimoire means spell book – and that’s exactly what the brothers were given in their inheritance.
When they opened the box, given to them from Penelope, they discovered a puzzle for the boys to solve. After they both touched it the gift began to illuminate. It read “follow the trail” in Latin. When they recited the spell in unison they were lead to their family's spell book. A few moments later Dash is already pricking his hand to experiment with blood magic that will allegedly “protect him and Killian from harm.”
We find out a later, thanks to Ingrid, that the spell was actually designed to give the strength of one subject to another. That’s why Dash is able to walk through fire while poor Killian is spitting up teeth and losing his hair.
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