Olympian Lolo Jones Tweets: Clowned For Nosebleed “On The Run” Seats

Lolo Jones thought she was flossin’ on the haters when she tweeted this picture with the caption, “I’m early but Bey is worth it #chicago #OnTheRunTour.”

A millisecond later her mentions were littered with people making fun of her nosebleed seats. One tweet said she was sitting in the “mesosphere”, while another one said she was close enough to God to give him dap. The Twitter comedians were in full effect.

Now, in her defense Lolo was in VIP…so technically, she was still stuntin’. And she made sure to let everyone know that by tweeting, “Chillin in the VIP suite (for those that were trying to clown) with @AntDavis23 and @louievito#RedbullChi

But, she didn’t stop there. In true Lolo fashion, she responded to some of her haters.

Unfortunately, the haters might have won this round.