TOP 10 (5) Best Israeli Gay Movies

Over recent years Israel has become a great source for LGBT movies that have found an eager worldwide audience. Probably the most successful and prolific filmmaker who has emerged from there is Eyton Fox who along with his writing/producing/life partner Gal Uchovsky could fill half of the slots on this list alone. Reflecting the political unrest in the region many of the movie that have emerged are deep and dark so we have trawled our library at THE GAY UK at looked at as many different Israeli movies as we could find : both big hits and small wonders to give you our very comprehensive choice of our 10 BEST to make you laugh and cry.

Here they are in alphabetical order.


A handsome stranger turns the life of a Hassidic family butcher upside down when they act on their mutual attraction. This beautiful story of how conflicted a modern ultra-orthodox life can be, tells, its story quietly and responsibly without sensationalizing this sensitive issue at all, making it even more powerful and moving. An impressive directing debut from Haim Takabkamn, it gives the best insight into gay Orthodox Jews outside of a documentary that I have ever seen, and is heart wrenchingly wonderful too.


This heart string tugging movie of forbidden love from LA based Israeli newbie director/writer Michael Mayer is the story of how being gay just adds yet one more obstacle to living in this troubled region. The convincingly very real love story between an Israeli Jew and a Palestinian Arab who have to make some very tough choices just survive is totally unmissable.


If I had been forced to pick my absolute favorite of all-Israeli gay movies, it would probably be this one. In this remarkable and moving take on 'Romeo & Juliet' director Eyton Fox’s story of a Middle-Eastern tragic romance that crosses the racial divide, will not leave a dry eye in the house. Completely wonderful.


The only way that handsome young Louie can be openly gay is to leave his home in Ramallah and sneak across the border to Tel Aviv. The trouble is as he is Palestinian he is illegal and so is constantly hunted down by the Israeli authorities who then drop him back home where he could be killed because of his sexuality. This remarkable new award-winning documentary from Israeli filmmaker Yariv Mozer tracks Louie as he goes about his harrowing daily life, which does (thank God) have somewhat of a happy ending.


Eytan Fox’s multi-award winning drama about a initially hesitant romance that slowly blooms into an old-fashioned style love affair between two soldiers stationed in an Israeli outpost on the Lebanese border. A heartbreaking tearjerker of the finest sort.

P.S. Fox’s later sequel ‘Yossi’ which it’s surprisingly upbeat ending should also be on this list, but I wanted to give other filmmakers a chance too.

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