Nina Dobrev is posting cryptic inspirational messages while Ian Somerhalder defends Nikki Reed

Nina Dobrev is posting cryptic inspirational messages on WhoSay while her ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder is busy tweeting on behalf of rumored new love interest Nikki Reed. Has Ian simply jumped from one vampire to another? Nina, of course, costars with him on The Vampire Diaries while Reed played a vampire in The Twilight Saga series of films.
Even if there’s no truth to it, Ian and Nikki are definitely making headlines, as they are seen out and about in a variety of places–together.
["You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life."]
Here’s Nina Dobev’s first WhoSay post. Is it in any way coincidental?

According to E!, a source recently confirmed that Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are in fact an item. Is this leaving Nina Dobrev feeling lonely or like an outcast?
Meanwhile Ian Somerhalder tweeted on behalf of Nikki Reed, in hopes of helping to find a new home for a dog.

So what’s your take on the Nikki Reed-Ian Somerhalder-Nina Dobrev loveless triangle? Are the above posts on Nina’s page just coincidental or somehow related to Ian’s latest fling?
Nina and Ian may be through, but the two actually had a pact–even following their breakup, and that pact was to always be truthful to one another. It sort of seems like Nina Dobrev is hurt that Ian Somerhalder didn’t honor that pact since he hasn’t come out and told her directly that he’s dating Nikki Reed. Nikki and her ex-boyfriend and Nina and Ian all have a past together. They did a lot of double dating, which compounds the uncomfortable nature of the situation.
Of course the grown up thing to do would be for everyone to stop posting innuendoes on social media and simply initiate a face to face conversation. Now how completely civilized might that be?
Do you think there’s a chance that will happen?
And you know–you really can’t blame Ian Somerhalder for trying to help Nikki Reed find a home for that precious dog. Maybe Nina should take him?

A few people have been a little upset with Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed for their rumored romance. Some people are not happy that Ian might be hooking up with his ex-girlfriends close friend. The Damon actor has received so much shade on social media that he had to address via Instagram, writing:

“Ummm, everyone- I hate to break it to you but… You have zero clue what really goes on in other peoples’ lives. It does you or anyone else any good at all to project negative energy out there. There is no harm here, I ask you to back off with your negativity, focus that energy elsewhere In a positive manner and let people live their lives. It’s only fair. Thank you and good night.”

Somerhalder followed that message up by writing:
“Feel free to write me back. I’m all ears as long as you are. Compassion compassion compassion – find it, use it, love it. The world needs a GREAT deal more of it.”
What did you think about Ian Somerhalder’s comments? Do you think it is okay if Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are dating, or did they break the code?

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Thoughts? Do you think there's any truth to this? Have you had a similar experience?