Rooney Mara replaces Jessica Chastain in 'The Secret Scripture'

Rooney Mara has joined the cast of Jim Sheridan‘s anticipated drama “The Secret Scripture”. She is replacing previously cast Jessica Chastain, who presumably was forced to drop out due to scheduling reasons, and joins recently cast Jack Reynor in the film.

Based on the book by Sebastian Barry, “The Secret Scripture” follows Roseanne McNulty, a 100 year old woman, the diary she keeps of her very extended stay at a mental hospital and the relationship she has with her psychiatrist. Vanessa Redgrave portrays the older Roseanne while Mara will be her younger self. Reynor, Jeremy Irons and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are among those costarring. Filming for “The Secret Scripture” is set to ramp up this fall in Ireland, with a 2015 release planned.

Mara’s career has been on the rise since starring in David Fincher‘s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” adaptation. She was recently seen in award-winning “Her” and is currently filming for Joe Wright‘s “Pan”. Reynor garnered attention for his role in “What Richard Did” and recently completed work on the upcoming “Macbeth” adaptation as Malcolm.