Cristiano Ronaldo goes to Japan to present some "unique" beauty products

MTG, a health and wellness company based in Nagoya, invited Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo to unveil its "Athletic Beauty Project" along with several new products and a new ad campaign starring Ronaldo.

During an appearance at a promotional event organised by a cosmetics company in Tokyo, Cristiano Ronaldo stressed that his injury is "gone", he is feeling "really good" and he wants to play on for "six or seven more years".

The Portuguese forward looked ahead to the new campaign with optimism: "We have an opportunity to win six titles. That is fantastic, I'm really focused. I feel very, very good and want to start the season in good shape. I'll try my best, like I do every year. I'll try to be the best, try to help my team, try to score goals and try to win titles. Those are my aims for this season."

Cristiano added that he knows that playing for Real Madrid involves added pressure: "You always have pressure when playing for Real Madrid, because it's the most important club in the world. I need to prepare myself to always be the best. I dedicate myself 100% and I want to carry on like that until I finish my career."

His final words looked back at his sporting journey so far: "I'm thankful for having had the opportunity to play for two clubs which are, in my opinion, the best in the world: Manchester United and Real Madrid. I'm very happy with all the aims I've achieved in my career. I hope to play for much longer, six or seven more years."

good lord, back to the awful tan...

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