Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black On Board Plane Making an Emergency Landing in Russia

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black are safe and sound after going through a very scary moment when the plane they were flying in had to make an emergency landing in Russia on Monday (July 21).

“EMERGENCY LANDING into a Russian town. This was our view over Mongolia. #VirginAtlantic #ScaryAsHell,” Dustin posted on Instagram with the below video.

“Locked in the broken plane. No word on what’s happening. #EmergencyLanding in Russia. #FireEngines abound. #NeedToPee!” Dustin later added. “Happy to be alive. @VirginAtlantic have been very helpful. Now we just need to get out of Siberia. Bit scary.”

“Scary to emergency land in RUS after recent events, yet no word on what problem is after hour surrounded by fire engines #VirginAtlantic,” Tom wrote on his Twitter account.

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