New Couple Alert?

All evidence is pointing to Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed being a hot new couple! Fans have been gossiping for days that the duo are getting close, and now on July 19 the maybe-dating stars hit the streets of Los Angeles to go running together.

Nikki Reed and her husband Paul McDonald separated in March 2014. During their marriage, longtime couple Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev were two of their closest friends! But now that Nikki’s marriage and Ian’s long-term relationship are both over, it looks like the former friends have fallen for each other. The two were spotted getting hot and sweaty together!

Nikki and Ian were spotted on a jog together in Los Angeles on July 19. Nikki rocked a tank and short shorts (to show off her perfectly-toned legs) for the run, while her maybe-boyfriend Ian wore jogging pants and a baseball hat.

Considering the couple most likely met because Ian’s past love and potential new love are close friends, do you think things are about to get REALLY awkward?

Nikki and Ian’s ex Nina have been friends since they both got their big breaks at about the same time – Nikki with Twilight in late 2008 and Nina with The Vampire Diaries in 2009. The girls are so close that they recorded a PSA together in March 2014!

When Nikki was married to Paul and Nina and Ian were together, the two couples were very close. In 2012, Nikki actually tweeted at Nina and Ian: “Sad were gonna miss you guys in LA this weekend!”

Now that Nikki is potentially dating Nina’s ex-love Ian, do you think things will change between the two actresses? We know Nina and Ian are still close friends, so if anyone can handle this potentially awkward situation well, it’s this crew.

While the afternoon jog is the first time the paparazzi have spotted Ian and Nikki together, fans are adding more fuel to the fire. Hardcore fans of Ian’s say that THIS photo posted by Nikki on Instagram shows Ian’s hand — and one of his signature bracelets. People believe they were secretly hanging out that day!

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